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Exposed Wire-O Hardcover Book

Exposed Hardcover Wire-O Book Printing job: (1) Exposed style, hardcover. (2) A5 size, portrait format. (3) PLC or Leatherette paper Rainbow Antique over 2.50mm grey board as case. (4) 120gsm white regular uncoated wood free paper no printing as 4pp endleaves. (5) 60gsm - 120gsm white regular uncoated wood free paper with printing CMYK or PMS colors on both sides for text body.

When you specify a case bound (hardcover) book, you will need to tell us what material to use for the cover.  The cover (or "case") of the book is made by wrapping a "case wrap" over cardboard ("binder boards").  There are two basic categories of case wrap. A "printed, laminated cover" is just as it sounds, a printed sheet covered with film laminate and then wrapped over the binder boards. With a printed, laminated cover you can have whatever image you want printed for the cover.  The second category is unprinted material such as library cloth, leatherette, imitation leather, composition leather, or heavy paper. In this case, the front ("face") and spine of the book are generally foil stamped with the title, author, and perhaps a design.

A Specification Sample of Exposed Hardcover Wire-o Book Printing Job --
(1) Size
The size is very important to get a proper quotation, and it is the basic factor to estimate the costs. Not like smythe sewn hardcover book printing job, it is not necessary to consider right grain or cross grain. But normally A4, A5 and 6" x 9" sizes are popular and cost efficient.
(2) Cover
There is no special materials for cover, almost all type of paper are available for cover. But in order to protect the case, coated paper with lamination or special paper are better than uncoated wood free paper.
(3) Grey board
Yes, you shall advise the thickness of grey board wrapped by cover, 2mm, 2.50mm or 3mm are available for different thick book block.
(4) Endleave
The end leave should have 4 pages. Two pages should be glued over grey board, which is opposite cover page. So 2pp cover, one sheet grey board and 2pp end leave are for one piece of case. There are two pieces of case for one unconcealed hardcover wire-o book. Many customers ignore the end leave when they require a price. That is because they are not clear about the structure of case (2pp cover + 1 sheet grey board + 2pp end leave).
(5) Text pages
Almost no customers would forget providing the information about text pages. No doubt that text pages should be even but not odd. Similar with perfect binding softcover book printing jobs, text pages must not be divided by 4, but it had better make that. Because 4pp is a basic unit for folding, no remainder will help to reduce potential extra costs.
(6) Packing
Wire-o binding hardcover books will require special treatment for packing which is different with other regular books no coils involved. The book size in width direction will be a bit bigger than trimmed size plus overhang area. The reason is simple and obvious. Because the coil loop are circle. So it becomes very important to estimate right size carton. Also in carton, the books should be put acrossly in width direction which will improve the usage of carton space. In Image Printing, our experienced packing staff will take serious consideration before making proper carton. Definitely we will take good care of your books.
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Whether this is your first book you are looking to get printed, or you are a publishing company looking for better pricing, you have come to the right place! As a professional printing factory in China, Image Printing focus on book printing mainly for oversea and domestic customers. We are located in Shenzhen city, as the best book printing company in China or even worldwide. Please be kindly note we offer a wide range of professional customed book printing services with aggressive prices. Hardcover and Soft cover Books is our specialty and we focus on serving those with bulk book printing requirements.
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