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Softcover Comic Book

Comic softcover book printing jobs typic specifications: (1) C3 size, 152 x 229mm (6" x 9") portrait. (2) Smythe sewing or perfect binding. (3) C2S 250gsm art card with 4c/4c printing plus glossy/matte lamination as cover. (4) 80gsm - 105gsm coated art paper or 70gsm - 90gsm light coated art paper with full color printing on both sides for text body.

Main Binding Type for Softcover Book Printing Jobs --
1. Saddle stitch binding, including self-cover and separate cover, means two or three iron wires stitch the pages, not available for hardcover book printing job. The pages are stitched in the middle of them just like a saddle, so we call this type as saddle stitching. Among most of softcover book printing jobs, if the book is thin less than 3mm regularly, we recommend saddle stitch binding type. It is popular with the booklet, pamphlet, brochure, thin exercise book etc.
Softcover Book Printing Saddle StitchingSaddle Stitching Softcover Book Printing Job
Saddle stitching describes the process of stapling along the spine of multiple sheets of paper that has been folded in half. This is the common type of finishing for documents beyond a single folded sheet and is seen on most magazines, booklets and reports. You would generally not be able to use this technique if your document consists of more than 76 pages of 80gsm stock, which means we do not recommend this binding style if the thickness of bookblock is over 3mm.
2. Smythe sewn binding, if the customer requires thick book easy to flat during a softcover book printing job, we recommend smythe sewn binding. Nylon threads are applied to sew the F & G together before covering. In China most book printing factories, after the F & G is ready, the book block should be moved to sew, so the F & G and sewing are two separate processes, they can not be generated to one sequential process. If the order is very tremendous, smythe sewn binding will take much more time than perfect binding.
Softcover Book Printing Smythe SewnSection sewn softcover book printing
It may look similar to perfect bound but it has a few differences. The book can also be open wide on the table. The threads appear at the middle of the signature. It is a similar binding to perfect bound. However, perfect bound is not suitable for long term usage because the glue hardens by alternating cold and hot weather. Instead of perfect bound, thread sewn employs multiple threads to sewn the signatures together. Since the threads are flexible and aren?ˇĄt affected by weather, the books are much more durable.
3. Perfect binding, when the F & G is ready, it can be combined with PLC cover prepared. It is efficient than smythe sewn binding. Because in modern book printing industry, these two processes could be proceeded in one entire producing line including three-knife trimming. But it has a disadvantage of much more inflexible spine than smythe sewn binding. Because around 3mm of pages should be grinded away and glued together, the book block can not be flattening like symthe sewn binding job. But in recent years, this problem could be avoided regularly if we could apply PUR glue replacing normal EVA glue.
Softcover Book Printing Perfect BindingPerfect Binding Softcover Book Printing
Perfect binding is the term given to the process of gluing sheets into a cover that is folded around the edge of multiple pages. Perfect binding requires 100 printed pages or 50 leaves, for it to be considered and is often used as a substitute for saddle stitching on documents desiring a more premium finish. Almost all paperback books and some magazines and annual reports use this technique. Regular perfect binding style use EVA glue to stick the spine, if the PUR glue is applied as replacement, the forcement and lay-flat function can be improved greatly.
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