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Hardcover Academic Book

Hardcover Academic Book Printing: (1) A4 size, portrait format. (2) Smythe sewn binding. (3) Imitation leather paper like Skivertex, Kivar 7 over grey board. (4) Text body with black printing on white regular uncoated wood free paper (70gsm - 120gsm). (5) Square and loose back, H & T bands. (6). Gold/silver foil stamping on case.

Hardcover books made by these steps --

  • Print and fasten the book block.  At the front and back of the book block are endsheets, the heavier paper which in a finished book runs from the inside of the cover to the front or back of the text.

  • Make the case, or cover.  This consists of three  pieces of binder board glued to a sheet of covering material.  The pieces of binder boards correspond to the front, spine, and back of the book. The covering is typically foil stamped to show the title, author, or design you want on the cover of the finished book.

  • Add headbands to the book block, round the spine of the book (if called for), and do other finishing steps expected for quality books.

  • Draw the case onto the book block.  This consists of gluing the endsheets to the inside of the covers.  It's either done very slowly by hand or quickly by machine.

The Covering for a hard cover book is the material to which the binder boards are glued.  There are thousands of kinds, weights, and colors of coverings.  The three basic popular types are printed, laminated covering, library cloth, or leatherette. The printed, laminated covering, or lithowrap, can carry whatever design you like.  Lithowrap coverings are generally done in full color, so no dust jacket is necessary to show off your design.  Library cloth includes woven fabric (expensive) or simulated woven fabric, in both cases impregnated with a resin that strengthens and stabilizes the material.  Leatherette has a finish that simulates various kinds of animal hide or simply shows attractive patterns.  We can also use composite or simulated leather.

The book title, author, other information, along with possible designs are applied to the covering by stamping.  Flat foil stamping is most common (and least costly), using gold, silver, or colored metallic foils.  Three-dimensional die stamping is also possible at a higher cost.

Hardcover Book Printing Extra Components Introduction:
(1) Jacket
The jacket is designed to protect, display and decorate the book. It can be applied to hardcover book printing jobs, softcover book printing jobs and wire-o book printing jobs etc. It is made from C2S, C1S or special paper with printing plus lamination.
Hardcover book printing jobs with jacketJacket illustration for book printing jobs
(2) Slipcase
A slipcase is necessary for some deluxe, kits or encyclopedia book printing jobs. The purpose is to protect and display the books contained. If the books should be kept for a long run, and try to make the public read as long as possible, then it needs a slipcase. The slipcase is normally made from paperboard wrapped by printed and laminated paper, cloth, leather or other case bound materials. The structure is not versatile, just with open to one side.
Slipcase for hardcover book printing jobsIllustration of slipcase for book printing
(3) H/T
For some hardcover book printing or flex book printing jobs, H/T is normally used for decorating, but the most important is to adhere the case and book block tightly because it is affiliated on the top and bottom of spine.
H/T Swatch for book printing jobsSample of Hardcover Book Printing Job
(4) Ribbon Marker
The ribbons are usually used for book marker. They are for hardcover book, flex bound book and some hardcover wire-o book printing jobs. It is normally adhered between the endpaper/end leave and the case. When the people stop reading or writing, the ribbon could be placed between two pages as marker, so the people can find where he is next time.
Ribbon for book printing jobsA ribbon on hardcover book printing
(5) Bellyband
If you want to indicate some extra words for promotion, you can consider designing a bellyband, no matter for softcover book printing, or other book printing jobs. It is made from C2S, C1S or special paper etc. It can be tied up the book or not. The design and pattern should be attractive for promotion purpose.
Flex Bound Book Printing BellybandHardcover Book Printing Bellyband
(6) Elastic Band and Pocket
Normally elastic band shall be glued between endpaper/end leave and case, and it usually happens in hardcover or flexi bound notebook printing jobs. It can wrap the notebook and tie the book up. For some deluxe notebooks or diaries, they are necessary. The elastic band normally happens together with pocket made from cloth and paper. The pocket is designed for containing some cards or note paper during business action or journal works.
Elastic band for notebook printingNotebook printing with elastic band and pocket
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