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Pop-Up Book Printing

The complex die-cutting, multi-folding and gingerly gluing makes of this fantastic three-dimensional composition.

The compare between board book printing and pop-up book printing --
Although sometimes, it is hard to distinguish the difference between board book printing and pop-up book printing, actually there is something different indeed that we could find.
Due to diverse use of pop-up books, the sizes of them are flexible compared with board book printing. Pop-up books sometimes are not for children, but for adults to display or illustrate, so they would design the book according to actual requirements of special field.
However, board books are mainly for children learning and recognizing, so the size is important available to children.
Board books are mainly made of paperboard mounting back to back, but pop-up book printing and binding will involve many different paper engineering and techniques like basic transformations, rotating and tunnels etc. So in structure, pop-up books look much complex than board books.
Like normal hardcover book printing jobs, pop-up books could be hardcover version. The case making is same as the one of hardcover book printing jobs, but book block is totally different.
Mounting back to back is still basic technique for pop-up books, and this type book block is also available for hardcover pop-up book printing and binding. In this case, the spine should follow up the design of board books, hollow spine and much more space in hinge. Board book printing also could have a case. Below are our advantages please find for your reference.

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) --

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) authorized a variety of new regulations and testing requirements for children's products and some non-children's products.

The CPSIA fundamentally changed how product safety is regulated in the United States. If you are a manufacturer, importer, distributor, or retailer of consumer goods, you must ensure that all of your products comply with the CPSIA and other laws enforced by the CPSC. There are many information about CPSIA, and below official link for your reference. Below several steps might give you general ideas about how to get CPSIA certificate.


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