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    Whether this is your first book you are looking to get printed, or you are a publishing company looking for better pricing, you have come to the right place.

    Image Printing Packaging Ltd as a best book printers in China, specializes in high quality book printing and provides you with the personal service you need to to make this book a success and the pricing to make it affordable.

What our customers say about

    "We have just received our eagerly anticipated hardback books and have been overwhelmed by the outstanding professional quality of printing.

From our initial contact with Image printing Ltd, being complete novices, to the finished product, we have been impressed by the service and guidance we have received, not to mention the unbeatable price.

An autobiographical manuscript, typed on an old manual typewriter by an even older aunt, scanned and converted to PDF by her teenage great niece, has with your help been transformed into a serious looking piece of local history.

We have all been thrilled by this experience, would whole heartedly recommend you to anyone else contemplating a similar exercise and can¡¯t thank you enough for your help with this project.¡±

--- Kim Noble from ProtoTest (USA)

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As a professional book printing factory in China, Image Printing (Image Printing Packaging Limited) focus on book printing and bible printing mainly for overseas customers. We are located in Shenzhen city, the book printing and bible printing industrial center of China and even worldwide. Please be kindly note we offer a wide range of professional customed printing service with aggressive prices.
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