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Coated Paper in Book Printing and Packaging Printing
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 3/5/2011  Keywords: paper used in book printing and packaging printing

 Coated paper used in book printing and packaging printing

Coated papers are the most popular in book printing and packaging printing jobs, such as one side coated paper for paper bag printing and gift wrapping paper printing, and two sides coated paper for text body in book printing.

The production of synthetic polymeric materials capable of forming self-supporting films failed to supplant the use of coated materials, even after the initial difficulties in converting had been overcome. In many instances, the thickness of the film material required to give the requisite barrier properties is well below that at which it can be handled on filling and forming machines, and the cost becomes prohibitive. Coating a more expensive film material to a thicker and less expensive substance to achieve the desired strength and handling properties is one way to overcome his difficulty. The commonly used substrate for this purpose is paper in one of its many forms. It should be stressed that the properties of the substrate, particularly in respect of its surface smoothness and absorption characteristic, are of great importance in achieving a continuous film of the more expensive barrier material at a low rate of application. The behavior of some substrate of different surface characteristics coated with the same barrier. The smoothest, and least absorbent, cellulose film gives the same-resistance at the lowest rate of application.

The various coatings used in packaging are best considered according to the manner in which they are applied. These are from aqueous, solvent, aqueous dispersions, hot metals and extrusion coatings.

Coated paper is the paper coated by a compound to impart certain qualities to the paper, including weight, surface gloss, smoothness or reduced ink absorbency. Kaolinite or calcium carbonate are used to coat paper for high quality printing used in packaging industry and in magazines. The chalk or china clay is bound to the paper with synthetic viscofiers, such as styrene-butadiene latexes and natural organic binders such as starch. The coating formulation may also contain chemical additives as dispersants, resins, PE in order to give water resistance and wet strength to the paper, or to protect against ultraviolet radiation. Other types of paper coatings include polyethylene or polyolefin extrusion coating, silicone, and wax coating to make release liners, paper cups and photographic paper.

Coated fine paper or woodfree coated paper (WFC) are mainly produced for offset printing. This paper quality is normally used for advertising materials, books, annual reports and high quality catalogs. Grammage ranges from 90-170g/m2 and ISO brightness between 80-96%. The fibre furnish consists of more than 90% chemical pulp. Total pigment content are in the range 30-45%, where calcium carbonate and clay are the most common.

Coated paper is classfied two kinds one, low coat weight paper and normal coat art paper. Low coat weight paper has lower coat weights than the standard WFC (3-14g/m2/side) and the grammage and pigment content are also generally lower, 55-135g/m2 and 20-35% respectively. Regular coat art paper is one of the highest quality printing papers and are used for illustrated books, calendars and brochures. The grammage varies from 100 to 230g/m2. These papergrades are triple coated with 20-40g/m2/side and have matte or glossy finish.

Coated Wrapping Paper PrintingGlossy Coated Wrapping Paper Printing

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