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The Raw Materials for Paper in Book Printing Jobs
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 2/27/2011  Keywords: Raw Materials for Paper in Book Printing Jobs,book printing industry

Paper is the most important material for book printing industry. But do you have the idea that how the paper comes from, and what are the raw materials for paper making industry. Here we would like to try to introduce something about this topic.

It was not until the middle of nineteenth century that the paper industry started to use wood pulp for making paper. Before this, timber had been used for many other purposes - building ships, houses, and for making furniture and boxes, but the beginning of the paper-making industry using wood pulp caused great changes in the practice of cutting trees.

In the early days, trees were cut and used locally, but shortages of timber led to a search for new sources. For example, the timber requirements of the British navy for ships' masts led to the building of ships specially designed to carry them across the North Atlantic. One particular tree, the Weymouth pine, is named after a captain John Mmith carried eight poles and a Dutchman for the purpose of erecting sawmills in Jamestown, Virginia, and not long after that America began to export many goods, including timber.

Increasingly after this, the demand for timer rose, and by 1900 supplies were falling. This does not mean that people had not thought about forest conservation - as early as 1682 William Penn decreed that, in Pennsylvania, for every five acres f forest cut, once acre must be replanted. However, these were small contributions, and adequate re-afforestation schemes did not begin until much later.

Many suggestions have been made about how to maintain a credit balance in forests. The problem is basically very simple to diagnose. All we have to do is speed up forest growth and reduce timber consumption, cut out forest and cure diseases, as well as removing the insects which live on wood and woodpeckers which also damage it, but it is quite another thing to do something about re-afforestation. Trees do not breed like rabbits, Time is essential. Tree farming means very much more that just planting the trees and then standing back to await the final crop. It involves raising the seedlings, planting them out, and spraying them against tree illness and insects, and then thinning at the appropriate time, While all this going on, steps must be taken to prevent damage by fire, Nowadays the paper industry replaces the trees that it uses at a rate which is adequate for our needs at present.

So we can find that for a
book printing job, we should try our best to reduce the usage of paper. Because the paper making industry waste much energy and powers. How to reach to this? We should calculate the size, make typing well, place right illustration, which is not only about this, we also should find the paper to service your book printing job. It is important for us to do this if we want to reduce your book printing quotes cost.

Wood pulp is the basis of paper making and book printing industrial. It provides main materials for paper mills, and then book printing factories purchase the paper from paper mills or their agents. There is a mature paper distribution channels build up in China now for coated or uncoated paper. Many famous paper mills are involved in this field to sell their paper even though they have their own sales branches all over mainland, but any way it is a good option to transfer the stock risks through distributing the paper in this channel.

photo book printing, comic book printing, cookbook printing, Hardbound Book Printing , Magazine Printing Services.All our printing is traditional offset printing, which produces the highest quality.  We believe digital printing can never match the sharp, clean results of offset and that?s why we don?t use it.

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