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LDPE In Packaging Printing And Book Printing Industry
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 2/24/2011  Keywords: Book Printing Industry

LDPE have the advantages and disadvantages as below. So for a book printing job, if the book should be shrink wrapped, the LDPE film is a good material. LDPE film is also available for stretching and wrapping around the pallets in sea freight.

The chain branching in homopolymer LDPE gives this polymer a number of desirable characteristics such as clarity, flexibility, heat seal ability and ease of processing. The actual values of these properties depend on the balance between the molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, and branching. LDPE is also versatile with respect to processing mode, and is adaptable to blown film, cast film, extrusion coating, injection molding, and blow molding. Film is the single largest from of LDPE produced. Products made of LDPE include containers and bags for food and clothing, industrial liners, vapor barriers, agricultural films, household products, and shrink and stretch wrap films. LDPE can be used alone or in combination with other members of the PE resin family.

Medium density polyethylene, 0.925g - 0.940g per center meters, is sometimes listed as a separate category, but usually regarded as the high density end of LDPE. It is somewhat stronger, stiffer and less permeable than LDPE with lower density. MDPE processes similarly to LDPE, though usually at slightly temperatures. The major competitor to LDPE is LLDPE, which provides superior strength at equivalent density. However, LDPE is till preferred in applications demanding high clarity or for extrusion coating a substrate.

Ethylene can be copolymerized with alkene compounds or monomers containing polar functional groups, such as vinyl acetate and acryle acid. Branched ethylene copolymers are essentially the same as LDPE, since in commercial practice a certain amount of propylene or hexane is always added to aid in the control of molecular weight.

Because of high clarity, LDPE is also workable for covering materials in a softcover book printing job. Foil stamping and silk screening printing can be treated on the surface of LDPE.

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