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Roles of Plastic in Packaging Printing Industry (2)
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 2/22/2011  Keywords: Packaging Printing Companies,Packaging Printing Industry

Medical packaging printing has been another big user of plastics. As converting techniques improved, so that accurate molding of small vials could be accomplished at low cost, and as new polymers became available with the necessary characteristics, plastics have been substituted for glass in many applications. As medical procedures became more complex, more disposable kits were introduced, designed to have complete sets of equipments for specific procedures. These kits require special packaging printing companies to keep the parts organized and easily usable. It was here that thermoformed trays became standard, so that kit of pre-sterilized, disposable instruments and supplies, in the proper varieties and amounts, can be readily assembled. The plastic packaging printing companies allows the sterilization, as long as the package remains intact. Sterilization with ethylene oxide is facilitated by the use spun-bonded polymeric fabrics. Radiation sterilization depends on the use of polymers that retain their integrity after exposure to ionizing radiation.      

The energy crisis in the 1970s, while at first leading to attacks on plastics as users of precious petroleum, actually accelerated the movement to packaging because of the weight reduction possible. Many metal cans and glass bottle s were replaced by plastic cans and bottles, and in many cases changes in packaging printing design moved the product out of rigid packaging altogether, into flexible packaging,  which more often than not was made of plastic, Similarly, some metal drums were replaced by plastic drums. A major driving force was to reduce the fuel used for transportation of both packages and packaged goods by reducing the weight of the package. One important example is the introduction of the plastic beverage bottles.      

Environmental concerns of the 1980s and early 1990s, caused by littering issues and a perceived lack of landfill space, caused a major rethinking of plastics package in use. Companies that used plastics had to defend the uses that were in place, and justify new application. The result was a more responsible approach to packaging printing in general, by most companies. As politicians and the public became more informed about the truth concerning plastics and the environment, the issues receded from the forefront, though recent concerns about the use of plastics bottles for beer illustrate that they have not disappeared altogether. Today, plastics packaging has earned its position as one of the choices of package designer. Decisions about which materials should be used require consideration of four factors: product requirements, market image, cost and environment issues.

Packaging Printing CompaniesPackaging Printing Companies


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