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How to save book printing cost
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 11/30/2012  Keywords: save printing cost,book production?
When you plan to print a book with book printer in China, do you have any ideas how to reduce the book printing cost and production lead time? Below simple tips may help you.
1. Size
First, you have to decide what the appropriate size of your book is. You may be acknowledged that the popular sizes are A4, A5 and A6. The most popular book size printed in China may be slightly reversed. In view of the current paper stock size in China different with other countries, it is better to adjust the book size slightly to get an economical price. Most of the popular and available stock sizes that we can purchase from local paper mill are 31"x 43"and 35"x 47". If your book size can accommodate the utilization of above paper sizes perfectly, you definitely can cut down the cost by reducing the paper consumption. You also need to decide the portrait or Landscape format to accommodate the paper grain direction parallel along the book spine.
A) 31"x 43" size paper to accommodate:
Portrait book size at 7"(Max 7-7/16") x 10"(Max 10-7/16")
Portrait book size at 5"(Max 5-1/8") x 7"(Max 7-7/16")
Portrait book size at 3-1/2"(Max 3-5/8") x 5"(Max 5-1/8")
B) 35"x 47" size paper to accommodate:
Portrait book size at 8"(Max 8-1/2") x 10"(Max 11-7/16")
Portrait book size at 5"(Max 5-1/2") x 8"(Max 8-1/2")
Portrait book size at 4"(Max 4-1/8") x 5"(Max 5-5/8")
If the paper order quantity is sufficient to meet the mill custom-made MOQ requirement, an indent order in special size can be made to fully accommodate the book sizes. Thus, it will demand a longer lead time on paper production to suit the paper making schedule. In normal case, it will require 45-60 days from order to delivery.
2) Pagination
After the size is decided, you can plan the numbers of page based on the script and illustration. The numbers of page is always an even number. For a section-sewn book, it is better to keep total page amount in multiple of four, of which will make the binding more efficiency and save the cost.
3) Printing
In general, we will use sheet fed press on small run (below 30,000) while web press on big run (above 30,000).
Some author or publisher may ask us to send printed sheet for approval.
4) Bindery
After 2-3 days the printing is completed, folding, gathering and symth sewing will be started to produce the book block.
The less pagination for juvenile market or library binding will be required singer or side sewing, For a normal hardcover book, it always requires thread sewn. Case making will be done simultaneously with the book block making to cater the final process: casing in.
Softcover and saddle stitch:
Soft cover book binding covers:  saddle stitching, perfect binding and thread sewing. Saddle stitching is normally used when the book block thickness is less than 3mm. It requires a cover on perfect binding and thread sewing book while it is optional for a saddle stitching book.
Wire-O and spiral work:
Instead of sewing, additional work is gathering and punching. Please reserve punching area along the spine when design the position of script and illustration.
Ring and Comb Book printing job:
It is similar with wire-o book in bookbinding. The ring and comb are applied after punching. There are many different rings, like O-ring, R-ring and D-ring etc. This bookbinding is usually for diary, notebook and cook book etc.
Board book:
Book size is limited and paper weight should be from 200gsm to 350gsm. Book corner must be round and inside pages are varnished, of which is regulated by product safety acts to protect kid.
Pop-up book:
It is similar with board book in binding process. The pages are normally die cut, with diversiform creative paper parts. So the die-cutting is very important, and the artworks as well.
5). Surface finishing
Normal cover finishing is gloss and matt lamination, spot UV, foil stamping, die-cut, embossing and flocking etc.
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