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Plastics Materials for Book Printing Jobs
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 2/20/2011  Keywords: Plastics Materials printing

Plastics Materials printing

There are many plastic materials for book printing covers or cases. Make sure that you understand customer demands for the plastics, and recommend appropriate materials, which will improve your book printing services level, and realize value-added services.

Here we would like to introduce PP/OPP/BOPP, PET, PVC, PU briefly in a book printing job.

PP/OPP/BOPP materials are semi-transparent, colorless, odorless or non-toxic. It is very light with density 0.90g per cube cm, and very good heat-resistant character with melting temperature up to 167 centigrade. In printing industry, normally it is made to film, and used to laminate on the surface of paper because of its character with good transparent, high strength and rigid. Especially for BOPP, it is with better transparent and strength than PP and OPP. So BOPP is popular lamination materials in book printing industry. After BOPP lamination, the cover or case will be stronger greatly than before without it. But it has disadvantage of poor anti-aging character especially in low temperature environment, so when the plant generate the materials, some antioxidant integrants should be added to improve anti-aging character. However it is now still popular as film lamination materials.

PET materials are with good anti-friction character, it can still perform well from -40 to 110 centigrade. It is also high transparent, colorless, odorless or non-toxic as PP. So it can replace PP lamination when it is made to film layer. When it perform as lamination materials applied to the cover or case of book, because of chemical nature, It become very important for the master to find the right adhesive materials available for paper fiber and PET surface. Otherwise, the PET layer would be separated from the case, the result should be very bad. Meanwhile, in traditional pre-press workshop, PET also could be used to make film, and then the film could be used to make the plate after exposure.

PVC materials are slight yellow, but with better transparent character than PP and PET. It is nonflammable, high intension, temperature fluctuation resistant and good geometry stability. If different subsidiary indigents would be applied, various rigid PET boards can be generated. So based on customer unique demands, we can recommend different thick and rigid PVC boards as book cover. PVC boards are also workable for many surfaces finishing technical. Debossing, foil stamping, silk screening, frosted and flocked etc are all workable. If the customer requires a fantastic plastic board as cover, PVC is a good option.

PU is normally used for the materials mounted over grey board to make the case. PU are available for foiling stamping and radiofrequency debossing. Because of genuine leather surfaces feeling and economical costs, PU could replace genuine leather in book printing industry. PU materials are made from PU coating layer and the base layer. The base could be genuine leather, textile materials or others. With flexible treating character, we can generate different texture and feeling PU materials based on our actual demands in a book printing job.

Image Printing would like to introduce plastic materials which are used for a custom book printing jobs with us.

      PP/OPP/BOPP Materials for Book Printing                  PET Materials for Book Printing

PP/OPP/BOPP & Book PrintingPET Materials for Book Printing


PVC Materials for Book PrintingPU Materials for Book Printing

     PVC Materials for Book Printing                                     PU Materials for Book Printing


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