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FM Screening Compared with AM Screening printing
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 2/18/2011  Keywords: FM screening printing,AM screening printing

In book printing industry, briefly speaking, FM screening printing  technology have the advantages as below lists compared with AM screening printing technology.

1. No moire patterns happen on the basis of random dots distribution.

2. Due to same size dots, tones jumping obviously will not happen to middle tones.

3. Detail gradation can be reduced perfectly, especially for very thin lines among of images. No reflection or rags will happen.

4. It is good for high-fidelity printing due to extreme details reduction capability.

5. It can help offset printing process stably because of liquid and inks slimly coating on plates.

6. It is good for improving the set-off problem and split the printed sheets from rubber cylinder.

7. The smaller of dots, the better of reduction.

Of course, there are some disadvantages compared with AM screening technology not only in book printing services field.

1. Repairing the plates is not workable after the plated reproduced.

2. It is difficulty in copying.

3. No low-res dots, otherwise the moirĄ§| patterns will happen.

4. Registering will be very difficult in case of no cross in images, because that sometimes the outlet of images might be not clear.

5. Poor reproduction capability of plates.

In order to utilize the advantages and improve the disadvantages, the CTP masters invent the multiple screening technology. They merge the FM and AM technology in purpose of resolving moirĄ§| patterns and printing suitability problems. On the basis of advanced computer technology, FM screening and AM screening are applied to different area on the same image. For example, FM screening for middle tons to which moire patterns happen, meanwhile, AM screening for high tones and shadow area. This potential technology will be expanded due to its combination of two screening advantages. The FM screening technology has been used widely in flexographic printing industry, especially for extreme fine book printing, or the folding box of cigarette etc.

During the computer and pre-printing technology development, we believe the FM screening technology will be used more and more widely in many printing fields not only in book printing industry.

FM & AM Screening in Book Printing



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