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Children board book printing
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 9/23/2011  Keywords: children board book printing

Definitely Image Printing Limited specializes in children board book printing services in China. We take the advantages of high quality, aggressive prices and prompt delivery. All the time, China children board book printing services perform as high quality and aggressive prices because in China the labour costs are much lower.

There are many types of children board book printing jobs, which means that they are many binding types books, different design and materials alternations. You can not regard board book printing jobs as only one type of all children board book printing jobs. Pop-up book printing and hardcover book printing jobs can also be children board book printing jobs.

This is for all children board book printing jobs authors who pay to have their books published no matter which company you choose to publish your book, if you are not prepared or are unable to promote your book through a variety of means such as contacting local and national bookstores to stock your books and/or offer you book-signings; do local radio and newspaper interviews; arrange book launches; publicise your book in magazines/journals and so on, it is unlikely you will recover the cost of publishing your book from the royalties of retail book sales, albeit we will assist all we can, without promise, to arrange local book signings. Do not be persuaded by claims from other print-on-demand children board book printing jobs that you will make a full-time living from the royalties on internet retail sales of your book as the volumes and margins are simply not there. Also the income you could derive from such sales is often depleted by the audacious practice of the vast majority of other print-on-demand book publishers who deduct fees from any royalties (having already charged to publish the book) which they claim are for royalty payments. Ask yourself if you would even be truthfully informed or indeed have direct knowledge from the printer as to how many copies of your book were actually sold and printed via any print-on-demand internet retail sales. Then ask yourself why that print-on-demand book publisher needs insert themselves into the royalty payment process when you could have your own ISBN and be listed as your children board book printing publisher, have the dignity of direct access to your book printers, know at all times how many copies of your book have been sold and directly receive 100% of any royalties.
NOT FOR SALE and put a stamp on the imprint page, because it has come to our attention that some book reviewers are parcelling up books sent for review and selling them off to businesses. We will set up your account direct with the printer, load your files into your account and will not take a penny from you in royalties or on the copies of your book you buy direct from the printer. Consider the idea of an author who has paid to have a book published but is not able to buy books direct from the printer at cost plus shipping! If you paid to have your house painted would you allow the painter to charge you money when people looked at it?
The norm in print on-demand children book printing jobs industry is to mark up the cost of the books that the authors buy by 25% of the retail price - for buying copies of their own book! By way of example, if the book retails and the author wants 100 copies, the author will have to pay for the privilege of buying copies of the book they have already paid to publish. We recently had a client wishing to order 2,500copies of his book. If we operated under the print-on-demand book publishing norms, we would be gouging our client to buy copies of his own book! It is to be noted that one of the printers we use in the UK has a very useful system for author/publishers who sell books from their website or friends etc., as upon a successful application from the author/publisher they will open up a separate account wherein the author/publisher can order a one-off copy of their book and have it shipped anywhere in the UK for the cost of printing the book.

cardboard children book printing

Cardboard Children Book

New designed cartoon children books, children education book printing

New Designed Cartoon Children Books, Children Education Books

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As a professional book printing factory in China, Image Printing Packaging Ltd focus on book printing and packaging printing mainly for oversea and domestic customers. We are located in Shenzhen city, the book printing and packaging printing industrial center of China and even worldwide. Please be kindly note we offer a wide range of professional customed printing service with aggressive prices
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