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Book printing suppliers
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 9/18/2011  Keywords: book printing suppliers
There are some specific requirements to specifications and layouts recommended by book printing suppliers. For example, left margin is entirely up to the author but as a guide minimum 15mm recommended by book printing suppliers. Right margin is same as above. Minimum top margin would depend on the layout but at least 20mm. Minimum bottom margin should be same as top margin. As for the space, the norm is single spacing unless the author requires, otherwise, book printing suppliers specifically agree with the copy editor at the outset of the process. The fonts should be decided upon nearly the outset of process as possible. The page size needs to discuss and agree with your book individual sizes and specifications with the designated copy editors.
Book printing suppliers have own specific standards to estimate printing costs. Someone regards the gloss laminaton and binding the cover for a softback book cost @ 95 pence per book. But actually if your book has over 20% of its pages in colour, it becomes a full colour book and should be priced accordingly. Although colour photographs or illustrations at our new print standard of 1200 dpi on our standard paper look absolutely awesome, there is a print cost involved as they have to be printed on a different machine and then merged with the black and white pages of text or illustrations. So, if the print cost of your book is an issue, look at each colour photograph or illustration and ask yourself if it is absolutely necessary; or if two photographs or illustrations could go on one page; or which colour photographs could go back to back on a page. If you have colour pages within a mono book each page will cost extra, and this applies to each side of the page, even if the back is mono, this is why it is cheaper if you have your colour inserts on both sides of the page. If, however, you have colour on one side and a blank page on the other there is no charge for the blank page.
Book printing suppliers need to know exactly which pages of your book are going to be in colour when we send the files to the printer. It is important to remember also, that any page with any colour on, no matter how small, including coloured chapter headings or coloured page numbers, gets classed by the printer as a colour page. Changing a coloured illustration to greyscale if you plan to produce a mono version of a coloured illustration, it is advisable to test it out beforehand to check that it reproduces well in greyscale.
Below some terms summarized by book printing suppliers for our customer reference. These terms will help you design a professional and cost efficient book printing artwork.
Binding - the process to affix the pages of the book to the cover, whether this be softcover perfect bound or hardcover. 
Casebound - a binding style in which the covers enclosing the book are usually made of thick cardboard, covered in cloth or paper or leather.
CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, the four colours used in colour printing.
DPI - dots per inch, a measure of the quality of the output resolution of a printer.
Font - one of a range of typefaces in which lettering can be produced eg Helvetica, Arial, Comic Sans, Trebuchet, Times New Roman.
Greyscale - the colour model which defines levels of grey, used to create photographic reproduction when printing in black and white.
GSM - grams per square metre; a measure of paper weight.
Lamination - application of a thin, transparent film coating to the book cover, giving a more gloss or matt appearance.
Page count - the total number of pages in the book, including those not numbered and blank pages.
PDF - portable document format. When a text file has been signed off by the author it is sent as a PDF file to the printer.
Perfect bound - a printing style where the covers enclosing the book are usually made of card, also known as paperback.
Recto - the right-hand facing page when you open a book.
RGB - red, green and blue, the three colours used when representing colour on a monitor or television.
Sample copy - a representation of the final printed product for approval sent by book printing suppliers before mass production.
Verso - the left-hand facing page when you open a book.  
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