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Book printer China
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 9/16/2011  Keywords: Book printer China

It is a big topic to talk about book printer China, but Image Printing try to introduce the advantages of book printer China, and what you should pay much more attention to your job printed in China.

The advantages of book printers in China:

1. Economic policy support

Based on our open and reforming policy, book printer in China is encouraged to produce the books and export worldwide. The purpose is to develop China printing and packaging industry, and get the dollars as possible as we could. Meanwhile, the job chances are generated when book printer China operates the plant prosperously. The VAT tax would be refunded if book printer China export the books, which will enforce the advantage of book printers in cost. 

2. Printing and binding cost

Book printer China has obvious advantage of printing and binding cost. China workers salary are lower than overseas printers. So when they work and are paid, the book printer China is able to earn much money from their labour. Although workers salary tends to increase in recent years, book printer China still keep the advantage of printing and binding costs, especially for those jobs in which much handwork should be involved (such as wire-o book printing jobs, board book printing jobs, spiral book printing jobs, bible printing jobs and pop-up book printing jobs).

3. Equipments

From 1980s, book printer China imported many advanced printing and binding equipments from Heidelberg, Komori and Martini etc. Meanwhile, China local printing and binding equipments manufacturers have developed many qualified printing and binding machines through cooperating and consolidating with overseas famours printing and binding equipments manufacturers. All these progress are hastened under good policy support, public private capital also played an important role in this process.

4. Quality

Based on advanced equipments, book printer China has been creating high quality book printing jobs. Some famous book printer China such as C & C have win many printing medals during this period. Book printer China accumulate well experiences in book printing job management for each section. Mature quality management system is also introduced and adopted popularly in book printer China plants. So you can not worry about the quality when you have the job printed in China.

5. Customer service

During the developments of book printer in China, their marketing, sales and customer service team have learned how to communicate with overseas customers. The team know overseas book printing and publishing markets very well. They regularly have good English skills, printing and binding knowledge, international sales and personal communciation skills. You will feel happy and relax if you have the job printed in China not for first time.

Which you should pay more attention to when you are working with book printer China:

There are some points that you should focus on when you are working with book printing China for some book printing jobs. It is normal and regular, especially that you buy book printing services from China first time. It is the culture and language mainly.

1. Specifications

Please note that there are much difference to describle one same book printing job under cross-culture condition. This is cultural and different printing industry developement problem. For one same book printing job, European and American customers might advise different specifications. It is very important to make the agreement before releasing to production.

2. Material difference

Regularly China local paper and materials are able to meet normal demands for all book printing jobs. But for detail technical requirements, there are much difference between China local materials with overseas materials such as thickness, opacity, brightness and other elements. Details should be indicated or required when you place the order to book printer China if you care this difference.

3. Contract color proofs

If you care the colors of book printing jobs greatly, you can require book printer China to create one set of contract color proofs before mass printing. This is to assure consistent color performance with your local printers. But because of different color printer capacity, reasonable color matching tolerance should be considered acceptable.

4. Delivery and potential tax

Almost all book printer China are able to delivery your book to final destination as your requirements. You need to understand the difference between FOB term, CIF term, CFR term, DDU term and DDP term etc. You can find the details about them from Incoterms 2000 manual. It is very important that, you should consult to your local import tax bureau, in order to find if you have to pay extra VAT, GST or some similiar tax when you import the books from China mainland. As we know, many countries do not tax extra for import the books, or they will refund the tax after you pay them, but in some countries such as Australia, India, Singapore, Mexico, Korea, Jamaica, Brazil, Canada, Italy and Spain, the tax to be paid will not be refunded. Please refer to this link for much more information about this topic.

Why choose Image Printing for book Printing?

There are two factors that decide why you should choose Image Printing as your book printing service provider. First, Image Printing offers the most affordable book printing solutions; in fact, it is one-stop junction where you get all book printing solutions. Secondly, Image Printing with its experience of more than 17 years and most advanced book printing infrastructure ensures that your book is printed carrying the best design.

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As a professional book printing factory in China, Image Printing Packaging Ltd focus on book printing and packaging printing mainly for oversea and domestic customers. We are located in Shenzhen city, the book printing and packaging printing industrial center of China and even worldwide. Please be kindly note we offer a wide range of professional customed printing service with aggressive prices
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