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In these various types of book printers
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 9/14/2011  Keywords: Book printers, book printer China
In these various types of book printers, between the beginning of the century and book printer China, The book printed upwards of five hundred books which have come down to us, complete or in fragments. Thanks to the indefatigable energy of book printers, we possess now a very full record of his books, enabling us not only to estimate his merit as a book printer China, but to see at a glance how consistently as a publisher he maintained the entirely popular character which book printers had given to his press.
      As regards book printer China which required a considerable outlay, he was far less adventurous than Book printers, his large folios being confined almost entirely to those in which his master had led the way, such as the Golden Legend, of which he issued several editions, the Speculum Vit Christi, the Morte Arthur, Canterbury Tales, Polychronicon, and Chronicles of England. The Vitas Patrum of 1495 he could hardly help printing, as Book printers had laboured on its translation in the last year of his life, and it may have been respect for Book printers also which led to the publication of his finest book, the really splendid edition of Bartholom De Proprietatibus Rerum, issued towards the close of the fifteenth century, from the colophon of which I have already quoted the lines referring to Book printers having worked at a Latin edition of it at Cologne. The Book of St. Albans was another reprint to which the probable connection of the Westminster and St. Albans presses gave a Book printers flavour; and when we have enumerated these and the Dives and Pauper, produced apparently out of rivalry with Pynson in 1496, and a few devotional books such as the Orcharde of Syon and the Flour of the Commandments of God, to which this form was given, very few Wynkyn de Worde folios remain unmentioned.
       But to one book in folio, book printers printed some five-and-twenty in quarto, eschewing as a rule smaller forms, though now and again we find a Hor? or a Manipulus Curatorum, or a Book of Good Manners for Children in eights or twelves. He was in fact a popular printer who issued small works in a cheap form, and without, it must be added, greatly concerning himself as to their appearance.
Popular books of devotion or of a moral character figure most largely among the books he printed; but students of our older literature owe him gratitude for having preserved in their later forms many old romances, and also a few plays, and he published every class of book, including many educational works, for which a ready sale was assured. The majority of these books were illustrated, if only with a cut on the title-page of a schoolmaster with a birch-rod, or a knight on horseback who did duty for many heroes in succession.
 When the illustrations were more profuse, they were too often produced from worn blocks, purchased from French publishers, or rudely copied from French originals, and used again and again without a thought as to their relevance to the text. It must also be owned that many of cheap books are badly set up and badly printed, and that altogether his reputation stands rather higher than his work as a printer really deserves. But he printed some fine books, and rescued many popular works from destruction, and we need not grudge him the honour he has received an honour amply witnessed by the high prices fetched by books from his press whenever they come into the market.
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