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Book Printers FSC Workflow
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 8/17/2011  Keywords: Book Printers FSC Workflow
1.0      Purpose/Scope:
To outline the process for complying with Forest Stewardship Council's (FSC) Chain of Custody (CoC) Program and for book printers or book printing suppliers reference.
2.0      Responsibilities:
2.1      Corporate FSC Coordinator
2.1.1     Responsible for management of the program, which includes coordination of facility efforts to book printing suppliers.
2.1.2     Responsible for corporate-wide procedures and dissemination of those procedures to any affected facility of book printers.
2.1.3     Responsible for management of the audit program, including the coordination, planning, and execution of those audits as well as other reviews that may be necessary to insure that the facility FSC programs are adhering to the corporate program.
2.1.4     Responsible for all audits, including contracting and negotiating with any audit agency and book printers.
2.2      Division/Plant FSC Coordinator
2.2.1     Responsible for the facility FSC program involved in book printing suppliers.
2.2.2     Responsible for the facility procedures and dissemination of these procedures. Will also be responsible for the coordination between the corporate and facility programs.
2.2.3     Responsible for facility audit coordination with the Corporate FSC Coordinator, which shall include preparation for audits by external and internal auditors.
2.3      Sales heareafter shall comply with the provisions of this standard operating procedure for documenting customer requirements to hardcover book printing jobs.
2.4      Purchasing employees shall comply with the provisions of this standard operating procedure for completion of Purchase Orders of hardcover book printing jobs.
2.5      Receiving employees shall comply with the provisions of this standard operating procedure for doing incoming inspection, storage and handling of FSC paper.
2.6      Shipping employees shall comply with all the provisions of this standard operating procedure for storage, handling and final inspection of FSC orders.
2.7      Billers/Invoicing employees shall comply with the provisions of this standard operating procedure when invoicing customers.
2.8      Production employees shall comply with work in process provisions of this standard operating procedure.
2.9      Management shall ensure compliance to the provisions of this standard operating procedure.
3.0      Definitions:
3.1      Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests. It is a not-for-profit international organization that has developed a system for identifying and labeling products from well-managed forests. For over a decade, FSC has given people the choice to support responsible forest management.
3.2      Chain of Custody - The path taken by raw materials, processed materials and products, from the forest to the consumer, including all successive stages of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution.
3.3      SCS - Scientific Certifications Systems. The external registrar selected to perform 'chain of custody' audits for all applicable sites.
4.0      Procedure:
4.1      Confirmation of Inputs
4.1.1     Procedures for purchasing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper for hardcover book printing jobs. Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) will confirm with the Customers that the job will be using FSC paper and verify the quantity and type of FSC paper to be ordered and/or received. This information will be communicated to Paper Purchasing.    All Purchase Orders for FSC paper will require the paper to be FSC certified. The receiver of the Purchase Order will be requested to supply written acknowledgement to confirm that FSC paper will be supplied and to supply their FSC Certification number on the invoice and on product packages.
4.1.2     Procedures for purchasing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified supplied parts.    Where applicable, CSRs will order supplied parts to be printed on FSC certified paper product. The supplier will be requested to supply written acknowledgement to confirm that FSC paper will be supplied and to supply their FSC Certification number on the invoice and on product packages.
4.2      Separation and/or Marking of Inputs
4.2.1     Receipt of Inputs:    Upon arrival of paper or supplied parts, Receiving Staff will verify the FSC status of the paper/supplied parts both on accompanying documentation as well as on the product labels.  Receiving Staff will be certain the supplier provides its FSC Certification number and, when the certification is not present, will alert the Purchasing and Customer Service departments.
4.2.2     Marking of Inputs    The Receiving Staff will identify FSC Certified paper and supplied parts in accordance with the plant-specific procedures. Identification means will be visible and easily distinguishable from non- FSC Certified stock. FSC Certified stock will receive a unique product code and storage location in the {enter name of system used such as RLI or MMS).    Supplied parts must be received with a separate load flag for each pallet that designates the product as FSC product. The load flags will remain on the pallets until the product is used in the manufacturing process. 
4.2.3     Recording of certified materials    Paper quantities received will be recorded in the {enter name of system used} by the Materials Department.    Certified paper will be identified by {enter name of ID used such as Material Identification code} in the inventory system. Supplied parts quantities are recorded in the Receiving Department in the {enter name of system used}.    All Bills of Lading and associated Packing lists are retained by the Receiving Clerk.
4.3      Labeling / Logo Use
4.3.1     The customer will provide the desired placement of the approved logo in their printed product as supplied in their customer files.
4.4      Identification of Certified Outputs
4.4.1     Certified material    Procedures for separate production and identity of certified material. Job Tickets will be generated for each certified print order and designated as "FSC Title" as part of the title.  All printing of certified products will be done in individual batch runs per specific customer order. In addition, a {enter what process/system used} will be issued at the start of production, identifying the job as an "FSC" title.    Procedures for tracking certified materials within production. As above, all job instructions will follow the specific certified print order and will include an identifier of the certified status. All aspects of production will be able to clearly identify FSC in process products by the unique event or job number.    Responsible personnel. The CSR will create the job ticket, as well as any other customer-specific instructions, and disseminate this information to all required production monitoring elements. Manufacturing Management is responsible for insuring that required information for FSC events will be properly recorded. Department employees will insure that certified product is correctly identified and tracked throughout production. Employees requiring access to this Operating Procedure will have access through {enter name of system used such as System 9000 or use of physical postings}. Any revisions to this document, or any other document that details how FSC paper/supplied parts are ordered, received, identified, consumed or shipped as final bound product, will be communicated as necessary.    Forms/records used. The job folder in Customer Service will include all tickets and all applicable special instructions pertaining to each job title or each component.  The job ticket will include in its description that the job is FSC-certified and what the FSC percent content is of the paper.
4.4.2     Finished certified products    Certified orders are kept by customer order.  The specific job will include requirements for FSC logo use within the printed product.  Shipping documents kept with the finished printed material will include an indicator of the certified status of the job.    Procedures and forms/records for invoicing and shipping of FSC-certified products. Billers will insure that all customer invoices contain the SCS certification number and applicable messaging. Copies of same will be retained. Shipping personnel will insure certified products are properly stored awaiting shipment and that correct paperwork accompanies certified orders. Job folders will be kept by the CSRs and will include all documents pertaining to the production of the event.
4.5      Record Keeping
4.5.1     Types of records    Purchase orders will identify certified orders placed.    Paper merchant and parts supplier confirmation and order acknowledgements will be retained.    {enter name of system used} will identify certified stock by product code.    All work in process (plates, signatures, loads of signatures, furnished components and bound books) is identified throughout the manufacturing process by job name and/or number.
4.5.2     Length of record retention    All records pertaining to FSC certification(i.e. Customer Print Requisition, paper requisition, job tickets, and invoices) will be kept for a minimum period of  5 years.  Records may be electronically stored but must be available for audit and review purposes. 
4.5.3     Procedures for compiling annual audit data for Scientific Certification Systems auditors.    Prior to the annual Scientific Certification Systems audit, a summary will be prepared showing certified paper purchases, use, inventory, and invoicing. The Division FSC Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that and annual audit package is prepared.
Book printers FSC ManualBook printers FSC Manual
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