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Tax, VAT, GST in DDP Term for Book Printing Companies
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 8/16/2011  Keywords: book printing companies, book printing suppliers

When book printing companies are required to submit the quotation based on DDP term, at this time book printing suppliers should pay much more attention to working out the costs. Now book printing companies take the responsibility of offering right costs, they have to study much more about DDP term and potential costs that might happen after the container arrive destination port.

In some countries, VAT taxes will be charged if the books are imported from China book printing companies, but the taxes charged would be refunded in some ones of these countries. In order to explain the formula clearly, suppose unit FOB price per book is US$1/cpy, DDU cost is US$0.20/cpy. Below we would like to list three different examples for your reference.

(1). DDP USA and other countries without VAT refund (like USA, Canada, Italy, Spain and so on)

- Extra cost for DDP warehouse in Spain is $0.24/copy which includes Custom VAT $0.04 each.

- Remark: The Custom VAT / custom duty fee depends on FOB price of Proforma invoice. We have to update DDP cost if the price requested to show in shipping document is higher than what we quoted.

(2). DDP European counties with VAT refund (Only for European Union members like German, France, Belgium and so on)

- Extra cost for DDP German warehouse is $0.20/copy if the customer provides us the registered VAT code to clear customs. (Book printing suppliers do not need to add VAT customs as it will be deducted from the customer's VAT code account and finally will be refunded to the customer.)

- Extra cost for DDP German warehouse is $0.27/copy if the customer can not provide registered VAT code to clear customs. (Book printing suppliers have to add VAT customs as we need to pay it and will not be refunded to either Image Printing or the customer. It is not a preferred option. The process will be more complicated than using the customer's VAT code.)
(3). DDP to other countries like South America or non-European Union, registered company VAT code must be provided. Otherwise, it is hard to clear customs. We should be very careful to provide DDP cost for these kind of countries. We suggest to quote DDU for these countries or we should check all information clearly before we quote DDP.
Please refer to below grids to check custom duty/VAT.
Australia (GST, 10%)
India (Duty Free, 3.27%)
S.Africa (VAT, (FOB Value + 10%) x 14%, The VAT cost is based on CIF port price, the customs take 10% as the freight to add to FOB value.)
Singapore (GST, 7%)
Taiwan (Tax, 5%)
USA (Tax, 0.34% + Bond, 0.45%)
Mexico (N/A, 11.50%)
Korea (Tax, 3%)
Japan (Tax, 0.85%)
Jamaica (Customs Duty, 18.34%)
Brazil (FIS, 1.85% + CONFINS, 9.15%)
Belgium (Customs VAT, 21%, refundable)
Canada (Customs VAT, 7%)
East Coast US (Customs VAT, 0.785%)
France (Customs VAT, 19.60%, refundable)
Germany (Customs VAT, 7%, refundable)
Netherlands (Customs VAT, 6%, refundable)
Italy (Customs VAT, 11.50%)
Spain (Customs VAT, 4%)
Sweden (Customs VAT, 17%, refundable)
UK (No Customs VAT, No VAT code required)
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