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The Function of Sales Manager within Book Printing Company
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/30/2011  Keywords: book printing company sales manager

A book printing company sales manager sells the titles either directly to bargain chains or to a remainder dealer usually at a price well below the cost of manufacture. The booksellers, who cannot return such books, sell them to the public at a heavily discounted price. Dealers also export remainders. A book printing company may remainder only part of the stock (partial remaindering); if the book printing company has a one-year stock plan and holds two years stock, the balance is off-loaded to free warehouse space. A dealer may purchase from a book printing company warehouse, or distributor, pallets of mixed titles which have been returned from bookshops. The promotional book printing company provides the bargain chains with a ready supply of newly created low-priced books. Such book printing company and the remainder dealers are well represented at the London and Frankfurt Book Fairs, and have their own London fairs, organized by Ciano, in January and September. A bargain chain may also sell new titles at deep discounts alongside remaindered titles, and may sell other goods such as stationery and artists materials. In 2006 around 20 per cent of books sold by retailers in the UK were sourced through a trade wholesaler. By 2007 consolidation meant that the two major wholesalers, Bertram and Gardner, had over 80 per cent of this market (OFT). At the end of the 1990s, they received a fillip from the emerging internet booksellers, such as Amazon UK, which initially drew their stock from the wholesalers,

As a professional Wholesale printing companiesImage Printing Ltd focus on Wholesale book printing,wholesale printing service in china mainly for our oversea customers.Books show from Book Printing Company

Book Printing CompanyBook Printing Company

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