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Bargain between Bookshops and Book Printing Company
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/30/2011  Keywords: custom catalog printing

      Of declining importance is the bargain between bookshops and book printing company, which occupy high street positions, sometimes on short leases granted by stressed landlords.

      Ten years ago you would see so-called bargain outlets on the high street, festooned with permanent closing down signs. They offered a garish mix of remainder stock and specially produced titles, hobby books, cookbooks, maps, children books, for a few pounds each. Book printing company saw them as convenient dumping grounds for overambitious print runs. But with books now being sold for a few quid everywhere from eBay to Tesco to Water stones, the bargain shops have struggled. Book printing company have a long history of ridding themselves, albeit quietly, of their mistakes in printing too many copies. When title sales are insufficient to cover the cost of storage, it may be pulped or remaindered. Some book printing company never remainder in the home market, or at all. A book printing company having sold a book to a book club is restrained from remaindering. Remainders commonly stem from speculative or poor book printing decisions on new books, or from the one reprint too many of good books. While a title may no longer sell in hardback or paperback at full price, it may sell well when released at a bargain price. The book printing company needs to convert its dead stock into cash.

There are various types of promotional materials used to elevate marketing and advertising campaigns. With the use of this promotional material business owners can expect to get high return on investment. Though there are many types of promotional materials used by the business owners but catalog printing is still a key component in the marketing strategies of many companies, whatever be their size. But like all other promotional materials, catalog printing has also evolved and there are many new trends that have been noticed.

Catalogs are considered as a reference material for both customers and prospective customers and they provide the business owners with the opportunity of cross selling and keeping the products or services at the fingertips of the customers. Thus the business owners are using it more and more in their promotional campaigns. These trends provide an edge to the businesses. So you should be well aware of these recent trends as all the other competitors might be reaping the benefits of these recent trends. Some of the key recent trends include the use of extra large catalogs, full color catalogs and coupons. Let us take a closer look at all these trends so that you may make a wise choice when it comes to custom catalog printing.

  • Full Color Catalogs: These are a requirement for companies having a large list of products. All the customers expect color pictures and graphics in a catalog and anything less then that looks clichˇ§| and sub-standard. Most companies nowadays are using the 100# high gloss paper to provide the best appearance to the catalog.
  • Coupons: Another latest trend in catalog printing is the use of coupons or tear away stickers which can be redeemed at the retail store. These can be included with ease in your catalog printing project. So the business owners do not have to worry much about their designing or printing charges. These coupons have the sole purpose of improving the return on investment dramatically.
  • Extra Large Catalogs: In the earlier times the standard size of the catalog was 8.5 x 11 inches but nowadays more and more businesses are using 12 x 12 and even larger sizes of catalogs. Though there are larger costs associated with the catalog printing projects but the number of pages required is less too. With this format you will have more room to fit in more product related information in one page only. Though the costs increase with the need for larger pages but it is neutralized by the need for lesser pages. Larger format of catalogs catch the eyes of the customers faster and this is the reason why more businesses are inclined to use these.

    Custom Catalog printing is one of the best methods for marketing around. With the utilization of the modern trends in this promotional material businesses are getting better return on investment. Whatever promotional materials you look to print, one of the key considerations is the choice of the printing service provider. You should always opt for a renowned printing factory such as Image Printing. We have huge experiences not only in printing catalogs but other promotional materials such as business cards, banners, posters, notepads, rack cards, calendars, etc.

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