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Book Shops in the Distribution of Book Printing Company
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/30/2011  Keywords: Book Printing Company, Book Shops

      Within whole distribution channel, for book printing company, the book shops are very important for them. Water stones have more than 300 shops. An average-sized Water stones store has a range of around 30,000 to 40,000 individual books, with 150,000 titles in the largest store. During the 1980s Water stones and Dillon competed fiercely with each other, opening well-designed branded stores, typically carrying a much larger range of stock than traditional bookshops. They tended to be called up-market booksellers, exemplified by their wide range of hardback and trade paperback titles and the depth of backlist titles stocked. However the size of these stores became dwarfed in the late 1990s by the opening by Water stones and Borders of flag ship superstores carrying upwards of 150,000 titles. Water stones have a large audience amongst ABC1s, readers of broadsheet newspapers, and users of the internet. In 2007, announcing plans to close some stores, the Managing Director of Water stones, Gerry Johnson, said there would be more emphasis on novels, cookery and children books and less on academic and humanities areas, which he said could still be bought online. Previously Water stones had given up on its independent online operation, and worked with Amazon, but in 2006 it started its own website again.

For later times it is necessary to make a gradual distinction between booksellers, whose trade consists in selling books, either by retail or wholesale printing companies, and publishers, whose business involves the production of the books from the author's manuscripts, and who are the intermediaries between author and bookseller, just as the booksellers (in the restricted sense) are intermediaries between the author and publisher and the public.

     The convenience of this distinction is not impaired by the fact either that a publisher is also a wholesale bookseller, or that a still more recent development in publishing started a reaction to some extent in the way of amalgamating the two functions. The scheme was a combination of a subscription library with the business of bookselling and it brought the organization of a newspaper, with all its means of achieving publicity, into the work of promoting the sale of books, in a way which practically introduced a new factor into the bookselling business.

Bookstores may be either part of a chain, or local independent bookstores. Bookstores can range in size offering from several hundred to several hundred thousands of titles. They may be brick-and-mortar stores or internet only stores or a combination of both. Sizes for the larger bookstores exceed half a million titles. Bookstores often sell other printed matter besides books, such as newspapers, magazines and maps; additional product lines may vary enormously, particularly among independent bookstores. Colleges and universities often have their own student bookstore on campus that focuses on providing course textbooks and scholarly books, although some on-campus bookstores are owned by large chains such as WHSmith or Waterstone's in the United Kingdom, or Barnes & Noble College Booksellers in the United States, which is a private firm controlled by the chair of Barnes & Noble. Another common type of bookstore is the used bookstore or second-hand bookshop which buys and sells used and out-of-print books in a variety of conditions. A range of titles are available in used bookstores, including in print and out of print books. Book collectors tend to frequent used book stores.

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