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The Supply and Resource Chain for Book Printing Company
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/30/2011  Keywords: Book Printing Company Supply Chain

      There is no doubt that book printing company has become much more professional in the last 30 years,Book Printing Company's Supply Chain has become more professional also. There are shops on many high streets which offer a good range of stock amongst pleasant surroundings.

Since the abolition of Net Book Agreement in 1997 the transformation of the bookshops has been bought at a cost, a highly visible minority of books sell very well indeed, and probably better than ever, while the majority struggle to perform. The profits from fewer and fewer mega-selling titles are required, more than ever before, to carry the losses sustained by the rest of the list.

The chain booksellers differ in their character, and have aimed to develop distinctive brands. For example, WH Smith has the aim to be Britain most popular bookseller, stationer and newsagent. It has shops on virtually all the main high streets in the UK, and sells 40m books a year. A valuation of its airport and railway shops in 2007 came up with a figure, although sales through these outlets have a lower proportion of books (20 per cent) than the high street shops (estimated at between 25 to 30 per cent). WH Smith is popular with two age groups in particular, from 15 to 19 and from 45 to 54. In the UK Borders has around 70 stores; it has an urban bias, with a strong customer base amongst the 35 - 44 age bracket and the AB socio-demographic group. In the USA, Borders has nearly 500 superstores, while its main rival, the world largest bookseller Barnes & Noble, has over 700. During the 1990s these chains were credited with transforming US bookselling.

If you are new to the world of business and wondering what a book printing company goes through before reaching any purchase decision, then read on because here I will discuss about the purchase decision steps followed by most companies. Understanding these steps would be crucial for you to influence their buying process.

Recognizing the Need:
Any decision to make a purchase is absolutely need based for a company, unlike individual buyers who may purchase products or services just for their happiness. No emotions are involved when a company decides to purchase anything. It will buy only what it needs. If you can fulfill their needs, then bingo. The source of these needs can be traced back to anywhere in the organization. In the buying center concept, the initiators are those members of the organization who recognize any need for the first time. In fact, these initiators also buy or use the products or services in question. It is important for you to know who they are and what makes them tick. The need for new solutions is usually identified by users, while buyers identify any requirement for re-purchasing any products. A new trend has emerged among companies to make automated re-purchase decisions by removing any human involvement. So, how can you barge into the process to promote your products or services?

As a marketer it is very important for you to understand this aspect well, as it would be a great challenge to replace the products that are currently being purchased by the company. Straight re-purchase situations are even more difficult to handle as companies often reach the purchase decision immediately after recognizing a need. Companies usually generate a specifications sheet documenting the requirement for any particular product or service that needs to be purchased. Several members of the buying center may be involved in creating the specifications document. So if you want to sell your products or services to a company, try to develop close contact with those who play a lead role in creating the purchase specifications documents. This will definitely improve your chances of being considered while a company is buying any products or services that you supply. Even though it may sound very simple, the actual process of reaching a purchase decision in a company is quite complicated as various factors are taken into account.
Search for a Better Deal:
Now this is one point that is different between individuals as customers and companies as customers. You will hardly find a person who will want to save 2 cents on a gallon of gas. But a printing company that has a large fleet of trucks and cars, saving even a cent would be a great amount. That is the reason they will always search for suppliers that offer them a better deal. When companies decide to change a vendor, most of them are looking to reduce their costs.
Are you ready to fit the bill?
The search step for companies in their buying process involve identifying a number of suppliers who meet product specifications set by them. Members of the buying center then screen the suppliers to select the vendor that offers them the best deal. What you should do at this point is thoroughly analyze the business in question and make an offer that is customized to their needs. But there are some industries where buyers are given other options for selecting suppliers other than through supplier presentations. These industries include chemicals, auction sites and online marketplaces. If you are one of them, then keep your eyes and ears open! Something off the beaten track may work out well for you. As a supplier, try to become one of the options that a company would consider while making any purchase. In some cases, you may have to become a part of an approved supplier's lists, thus, ensuring that members of the buying center will not overlook your offer when they fix any deal. Suppliers in auction sites or online marketplaces should try to be included in those websites that are relevant to their business.
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