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The Supply Chain for Book Printing Industry
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/25/2011  Keywords: Printing Industry Supply Chain

Books can be supplied directly from the book printing company or through a distributor or wholesaler. Smaller bookshops source the majority of their stock from the wholesalers. The independent third-party distributors occasionally go bust, which can be a disaster for the book printing company if unable to retrieve its cash and books from the receiver. The trend is towards fewer and larger distributors. Size gives to the distributor the turnover to invest in expensive electronic book handling and warehouse systems, the ability to bulk up order values, greater leverage in debt collection, and the securing of lower rates with carriers.
The trade side of distribution is concerned with processing received orders, raising invoices and documentation. Not all book printing company can accept tele orders, and many orders are received in writing or by fax, telephone, or email. Once orders are received, the invoice is raised, and the documentation, labeling and physical distribution begin. There are many standardized codes which tell a customer a book is unavailable for various reasons. UK booksellers are identified by the standard address number (SAN) which is a unique identifier of the delivery address. New books or reprints not yet in stock are recorded on a dues listing and dispatched when available unless otherwise instructed. Export orders need additional documentation to comply with the receiving countries import regulations and taxes, such as VAT. On orders to mainland Europe some color book printing company invoice in Euros or local currencies and offer banking arrangements. Mistakes in export orders incur severe penalties. Pro-forma invoices may be sent to unsafe customers before the books are dispatched. Most book printing company supply books to UK booksellers carriage free, whereas mainland European book printing company charge carriage to their booksellers.

If you are a business owner you must be using some promotional materials or the other to reach out to the thousands of prospective clients waiting out there. Booklets are one of the promotional materials that can fetch great results for your business expansion plans. These are printed materials having a cover and at least three pages inside. Booklets are usually published by the company owners if they have a lot of information to their prospective clients. In the earlier times such promotional materials were benchmarks of renowned educational institutions, who conveyed their list of courses through these elaborate promotional materials. But nowadays, business owners have found renewed interest in booklet printing. There are various considerations that a business owner has to make before publishing a promotional booklet. One such key consideration is regarding the choice of booklet binding methods. Most of reputed printing service providers will offer various binding methods. But it is crucial to know the advantages of each method before reaching a final decision. So below some of the leading booklet binding methods have been discussed.

  • Ring Binding: It is also known as notebook or spiral binder. It contains three rings binding the pages and a front cover. Advantage of this binding method is that the pages are removable that is important for booklets. Booklets like the manuals have to be updated from time to time and with the help of this binding you can easily remove and insert pages from the booklet. On the adverse, the ring binders are not durable and they do not carry a professional look.
  • Saddle-Stitched Binding: These are the best options for booklet binding as they are durable as well as cost low. In this process the pages are stapled along the crease of folds when the pages are still flat. This creates a strong bind when the pages are folded. Only disadvantage of saddle-stitch binder is that the pages are not completely flat.
  • Coil Binding: When you use coil binding for booklets, it will lay flat when the promotional material is opened. This is the reason this binding method is popular for textbooks. In this process a number of tiny holes are made and a coil wire is wound through the holes. This of course makes the booklet fragile as the pages are prone to be torn by repeatedly brushing against the coil ends. Coils also unwound on top or bottom of the pages.
  • Thermal Binding: It involves attaching the pages to the cover spine with the use of heated glue. Though it is used in some booklets, but such a method is popularly used for magazines, paperback books or phonebooks. Though it is durable but the costs are higher as there are many intricate steps involved in this booklet binding method.

    So do not fall in the trap of some printing agencies who offer cheap binding. Reputed printing service providers such as Image Printing will offer you high quality binding at reasonable costs. Thus they are definite choice if you are looking to print promotional materials. List of their printing services includes banners, calendars, NCR Forms, Bookmarks, Door Hangers, Envelopes, etc.

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