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Terms of Book Printing Service Trade
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      The agents, wholesalers and booksellers in book printing industry trading receive discounts, usually off the UK published price, and sometimes higher than home discounts, from the publisher. They then add their costs and profit which can result in book prices being higher than those in the UK. Compared to the UK, customers credit periods are longer (90 days from date of invoice) but can extend to six months or more from slow-paying parts of the world. Wherever possible firm sales are made, though some unsold books are returned (especially general paperbacks), there are different terms that apply to the shipping of books.

Ex-warehouse, the customer bears the cost from the publishers (or printers) door. This is a common basis for trading.
Free on board (FOB), the publisher delivers the books free to the buyers appointed UK shipping agent. Buyers within a country may co-ordinate and nominate a UK export company that will consolidate orders.
Cost, insurance and freight (CIF), the publisher bears all the costs up to their arrival in a port or town. In return for saving the customer cost and (if the goods are sent air freight) time, the discount and credit period may be cut back.
On consignment, the customer pays only on sales made and has the right to return unsold stock. This may be used for substantial orders. 

Copyright may be registered before your manuscript is published unless you are passing a lot of copies around for technical proofing and comment, you might just as well do as most book printing companies do to wait for books to come off the press. Your work is automatically copyright protected under Common Law because you created it; it just is not copyright registered yet. Write to the Register of Copyrights and request three copies of Form TX (for registering books) and copies of Circular R1, Copyright Basics, and Circular R2, Publications of the Copyright Office. Upon receipt, read over these publications and order any others you feel you need. The Copyright Office will also send you some business reply mailing labels so that you may send them the copyright form, your check, and the books for registration.

To register your copyright, follow these three steps:

1. Print the copyright notice on the copyright page (title page verso). The notice takes the following form for example © 2006 by Robert Howard. You may use the word copyright, but the ©says the same thing and it is necessary for international protection. Also add all rights reserved and expand on this if you like. Check other books. The copyright notice must appear in all copies of the book to protect you, so double check it and all the numbers on the copyright page every time you proof copy, boards, bluelines, etc.  The copyright should be in the name of the owner. The owner may be the author, the publishing company, or whoever created or paid for the work. 

2. Publish the book. Check for the copyright notice before any of the books are distributed.

3. Register your claim with the Copyright Office within three months of the book coming off the press. To do this, send a completed Form TX, two copies of the best edition of the book and a fee of $30. The best edition would be the hardcover if both the hardbound and softcover came from the printer at the same time. However, since the hardbound edition often takes longer to produce, the softcover may be the best edition at the time of publication. If you enclose softcover copies with the Form TX, be sure to note that they were produced first.  

The Copyright Office will add a registration number and date to the form and will send you a photocopy containing a seal and the Registrar's signature. The time it takes the Copyright Office to process your application varies. Nine months is not unusual. The office receives more than 600,000 applications each year. The new copyright term is for the author's life plus seventy years. Your ownership of the book is now a valuable part of your estate, so be certain your copyrighted material is mentioned in your will.

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