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The Sales Reps within Book Printing Company
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/23/2011  Keywords: Book Printing Company Sales Reps

      Book printing companies provide their reps with laptops, which allow them to provide current information on stock availability, order status, and sales history, and to send information, such as orders and reports, back to their publishers in the evening. A reps aim is to obtain advance orders (or subscriptions) on forthcoming books usually three months ahead of publication from all the main bookshops, in time to inform the print run decision. As most independents place orders electronically, and not through the reps, the reps want the orders to be sent to their publishers, not via higher discount wholesalers. During a call they will cover the new books to be published in a certain period and take up the new books from that point in a subsequent visit. However, smaller and infrequently visited bookshops may be sold new books post-publication.

The meeting with the bookshop buyer takes place in an office, the stock room or on the shop floor. The first few minutes are spent discussing trade gossip and the shop. Reps provide the main contact between booksellers and publishers, and should be able to supply the most recent information on all the firm titles and to determine what information would be useful, and what marketing and promotions the bookseller could use. The rep usually leads off with a major, strongly promoted title. The prime aim is to put the buyer in a positive buying frame of mind. Two to three minutes are spent in presenting a lead title. Showing the cover, the rep talks about the book and author, covering such aspects as its contents, what part of the market it is aimed at, why it is good, and sometimes the competition, previous books by the author, and the promotion. Although more time is devoted to the main titles, the rep generally has under a minute per title, just one or two sentences, to sell it. One approach is to have a key positioning line, which helps place the book in the mind of the buyer. If the book is of local interest or is going to receive other publicity, this is mentioned. Mention of participation in the Richard and Judy book club, for example, will guarantee a good subscription. Reps keep records of orders, so that they can remind buyers of orders placed on authors previous books.

Main Purpose of Role

  • Reporting to the Sales Manager
  • Representative will be fully responsible for:
    Building strong and profitable relationships with customers.
    Partnering with customers to ensure effective formwork and shoring solutions.
    Delivering against agreed hire and sale revenue targets.
    Ensuring payment is received on time and in full.
    Representing IM in a ethical and professional manner.


  • To meet and surpass the minimum objectives and standards of performance and behaviour.
  • To meet and surpass the targets set by the company.
  • To plan and develop as an increasingly effective field salesperson.
  • To get and maintain profitable business.
  • To act as an ambassador of the Company at all times.


The Sales Representative reports to Sales Manager. The Sales Representative will be responsible for the promotion of IM, its products, services and for the achievement of Hire and Sale Revenue targets through the following key tasks:

1. Attaining Sales Targets and Objectives

  • Standards of performance relating to the above are attained when:
  • Hire, New Sale and Ex-Hire revenue values are in accordance with plan/budget/objectives
  • Total call rate does not fall below agreed minimum standard including prospecting calls
  • Key Performance Indicators are achieved
  • The employee monitors own performance monthly, noting deviation from plan and suggesting remedial action
  • The employee provides forecasting information that is both complete and accurate

2. Sales Process and Pipeline

  • Standards of performance relating to the above are attained when:
  • A managed and maintained pipeline capable of delivering the budget is established detailing opportunities, objectives and agreed time frame within each chamber
  • The number of Prospect calls each month does not fall below the agreed standard
  • Pre-call objectives are consulted before each call
  • Established sales practices such as the use of technical enquiry checklists, sales proposals and summary quotations are regularly used.
  • Projects and tenders identified through the lead system and trade press are added to the pipeline
  • A monthly report detailing all leakages is submitted to management

3. Covering The Territory Effectively

  • Standards of performance relating to the above are attained when:
  • All existing accounts and prospects are graded by market segment and potential
  • Calls are correctly balanced between existing accounts and prospects
  • The number of new accounts opened each month does not fall below the agreed standard
  • There is full knowledge of all the Key Customers decision makers and key influencers at each location e.g. planners, estimators, buyers and temporary works departments

4. Reporting Activities, Records and Conforming to Administration System

  • Standards of performance relating to the above are attained when:
  • Reports are neatly and accurately written and forwarded on time
  • Daily reports are submitted weekly to arrive with the SM within an agreed time frame
  • Weekly planning sheets are sent to SM every Monday
  • Customer Record Cards are regularly maintained and updated
  • Customer complaints that could lead to a financial claim are reported immediately to SM
  • Expenses are submitted to the SM monthly
  • Sickness involving absence from work is reported to SM during the morning of first absence
  • Any form of accident or motor offence is reported to SM within 24 hrs of the event

5. Understanding Fully The Products and Services of IM

  • Standards of performance relating to the above are attained when:
  • The full range of products and services are thoroughly understood
  • There is confidence in the ability to present each product skilfully
  • When customer queries can be answered quickly and confidently
  • There is regular analysis to ensure the full product range is offered
  • There is a clear understanding of the company's selling edges - which are then used in sales argumentation
  • Company sales aids are used wherever possible
  • How our products compare to the competition in the area/market

6. Maximising Selling Time

  • Standards of performance relating to the above are attained when:
  • A diary is used skilfully
  • The amount of face-to-face selling time is optimised each day
  • Good route planning reduces the amount of travelling time/miles per call ratio
  • Priority is given to calls offering the most potential
  • The call rate does not fall below the agreed standard

7. Keeping Company Costs To A Minimum

  • Standards of performance relating to the above are attained when:
  • The most profitable way is sought to win and service business for the company
  • There is liaison with Credit Control on outstanding accounts
  • All company property is handled carefully and well maintained

8. Personal Standards

  • Standards of performance relating to the above are attained when:

a. Appearance

  • Maintaining a smart appearance, wearing appropriate clothes for the situation
  • With reference to dress, shoes, high visibility vests, protective clothing/hardwear, external wear or any special dress requirements must conform to clients' particular Health and Safety Regulations when visiting customer premises and sites
  • All demonstration equipment, literature, samples, sales presentations and supporting sales aids are kept in A1 condition at all times

b. Attitude

  • There is tolerance to pressure, stress and opposition
  • Ability to control emotional responses
  • Reacting constructively to criticism from customers and internal staff
  • Possessing a "can do attitude"
  • Being open to new ideas.

The Sales Representative will be accountable to the Regional Sales Manager within his area of responsibility for:

  • Achievement of hire and sale targets and agreed level of performance
  • Forecasting potential
  • Maintaining the company profile and brand within his area/market segment.
  • Reporting on progress.
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