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Terms of Sale for Book Printing Field
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      The sellers in book printing companies are lowered if there is the guarantee that they can return unsold stock. If a book is returned to the publisher, the bookseller usually pays for the return delivery, unless otherwise agreed. On firm orders the bookseller agrees to accept the books, to pay for them (preferably on one months credit, unless otherwise agreed) and not to return them for credit without prior permission from the publisher. The bookseller takes the risk that the books may not sell and that the publisher may sometimes refuse returns. Powerful booksellers will request a higher discount confirm sales and are likely to be more cautious on the quantity ordered.

     Consignment sales are one form of sale or return (SOR). Publishers prefer consignment sales to the simplest form of sale or return. With books sold on consignment, the bookseller can within a specified period return books (provided that they are in saleable condition) for credit, or in exchange for other books. The booksellers account is charged at the time of supply, and payment is due at the expiry of the credit period. Under an alternative arrangement, the bookseller within a specified period can return books and no charge will be raised. Payment is not usually due until the end of the specified period, or when the books are sold. Amazon runs a scheme called Advantage, which can be used by small publishers or authors who self-publish. Publishers give the retailer 55 per cent discount, and Amazon keeps in stock quantities as low as two copies. At the end of each month, Amazon pays the publisher for sales in the previous month. Sometimes an individual large order for a new book placed by a branch book buyer or an independent bookseller may be firm in part, the remainder bought on consignment. The terms of trade between publishers and their customers are in a state of flux. As the large retailers have gained in strength, the consumer publishers essentially trade with them on a sale or return basis on longer credit terms (typically 60 days). Small independents may get 30 days credit.

Mailing to addresses from telephone directories on CD can be expensive than book printing servicesThe addresses rarely include suite numbers and often the mail carriers will not bother to the mail to apartment and office buildings without the exact address. Demostic taxing authorities have determined we do not have to collect the sales tax on mailing list rentals when the lists are on one-across peel-and-stick labels. Lists are only taxable when supplied onmagnetic tapes. The best months to make promotional mailings are in January, February, October, August, November and then September, in that order according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Do not make promotional mailings after November 15; people are too busy with the holidays to consider your offer. Let all promotions accumulate and drop them on January 2. THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE HANDLES 41% OF THE WORLD'S MAIL. Japan is a distant second with 6% according to The Wall Street Journal. Twenty-four percent of the U.S. population moves every year; 40 million address changes are submitted to the Postal Service annually. Of those, 84% are moves with a forwardable address, leaving 16% who disappear. It takes four to six weeks to get a change into the Postal Service's National Change of Address system. By that time nearly five million more people have moved.

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