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The Role of Special Sales Manger in Book Printing Company
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/23/2011  Keywords: Special Sales Manger in Book Printing Company

       Another sales role is the special sales manager in a book printing company, who will sell to non-book wholesalers, major non-book retailers, direct selling companies such as the Book People, newspapers and magazines (for example cover mounts), and sometimes to remainder or promotion book imprints. They may also sell to book clubs. In academic, STM and professional publishing, special sales encompass direct supply deals made with institutions and businesses, such as bulk sales of textbooks to universities. Special editions may be printed for companies to give away to staff or their customers. Furthermore, some reference and directory publishers sell advertising space in their books and on their websites to supplement copy sales income.

In medium to large publishers the UK sales manager (supported by in-house staff) runs the sales force. Small publishers may not be able to afford the high cost of employing their own reps. Lists may be sold by freelance reps, who are paid a commission of 10 to 12 per cent on net receipts from sales, or by marketing and sales firms, or by the sales force attached to their distributor, or by a larger publisher. But preferably a publisher employs its own full-time reps. each rep covers a discrete area (a territory), is supplied with a car, a laptop, and receives expenses and a salary. Some book printing companies more often the consumer firms, and pay bonuses for exceeding sales targets. The reps, who usually live in their territories, meet together with the in-house staff only at the sales conferences (two to four times per year), where they learn about the new books, promotional plans and Chains with strong central buying do not allow visits by reps to individual stores priorities. The reps are sent all the promotional material (advance information sheets, jackets and covers), publicity and marketing details, and feedback orders and reports on their activities, and on the response of customers.

The sales in book printing companies reporting includes the key performance indicators of the sales force. The Key Performance Indicators indicate whether or not the sales process is being operated effectively and achieves the results as set forth in sales planning. It should enable the sales managers to take timely corrective action deviate from projected values. It also allows senior management to evaluate the sales manager. More results related than process related are information regarding the sales funnel and the hit rate. Sales reporting can provide metrics for sales management compensation. Rewarding the best managers without accurate and reliable sales reports is not objective. Also sales reports are made for internal use for top management. If other divisions' compensation plan depends on final results, it is needed to present results of sales department's work to other departments. Finally, sales reports are required for investors, partners and government, so the sales management system should have advanced reporting capabilities to satisfy the needs of different stakeholders. An essential sales leadership role is to establish a sense of purpose or vision and clear direction to get there.

A key element of a business strategic 12-month plan is to answer the question, where will all the sales come from? The sales plan is not a guesstimate. It takes its direction from the marketing strategy and is based on thorough research and a considered positioning of the company within the market place. Sales planning involves predicting demand for the product and demand on the sales assets. Failure to plan always means lost sales. Planning insures that when a consumer wishes to purchase the product, the product is available, but it also means opportunities for additional sales are presented and the sales assets are available to exploit these opportunities. Planning should allow for meeting increasing customer demand for more products, services and/or customization as the business is growing, but also react quickly when demand decreases. Sales planning improves efficiency and decreases unfocused and uncoordinated activity within the sales process.

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