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      At the critical buying period, the book printing companies centre overseas receives an unexpected and large direct order from an institution, likely to be repeated annually thereafter, which they cannot fulfill. The stock earmarked for UK and Europe is immediately shipped out of the UK to the overseas centre, dangerously lowering the UK stock levels. But they may have other warehouses elsewhere with small quantities of available stock from which they can replenish the UK. The sales director, usually supported by a UK sales manager and often by a European sales manager, plans and organizes the sales effort, and negotiates terms of trade with the main customers. The sales management comments on editors new book proposals - forecasting sales and advising on pricing, and is involved with reprinting and reprising decisions and with the disposal of overstocks by remaindering or pulping.

In-house sales staff, sometimes called key account managers, proposes the purchase of titles three to six months ahead of publication to the buyers of key accounts, and discusses the plans for promotions to be run by the publisher or retailer. These could be based around 3-for-2 or half-price offers, summer reading or back to school campaigns. Although some chains delegate purchasing decisions to branch buyers, who are called on by publisher sales representatives (reps), most buy centrally and relate order quantities to the sizes and character of their branches, the process of scaling out orders. Scale-outs apply to new books and promotions. In some chains, the local managers still have the ability to increase orders. Supermarkets are serviced exclusively by wholesale merchandisers or buy centrally from publishers.

When you sign a contract to offer book printing services, you can bring attention to the autograph by placing a sticker on the cover. Bookstores usually get them from the American Booksellers Association. The gold stickers also come on sheets and can be printed at your local photocopy or quick print center. Write your own announcement for the bookstore. PA system and print up bookmarks with your advertising to have something to give away. It shows you how to contact bookstores, whom to call, how to promote your signing, getting set up, and what to do when you arethere. The specifications for barcodes are quite strict. Avoid JPEG files, since they use a lossy compression method and are very likely to be unreadable by the scanners. Special sales buyers do not buy your books, but the benefits your books can offer.

     Show your prospects how the content of your books will help them improve their sales, competitive position or brand profitability. A bestseller book is not like a gold record in the music industry; there is no set number that must be sold. The books sales are compared with each other. National bestseller lists (there are several and they do not often agree) are assembled from certain bookstore and other sales reports. In addition, there are regional and specialtylists. What they are and how to make them tells you all about the various bestseller lists and how they gather their numbers. Then there is a plan for making your book a bestseller. It is packed with book promotion examples.

     This report is so good, it is nearly an advanced marketing plan outline. View links to thousands of biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, letters, narratives, oral histories and more. Individual lives of the famous and the not so famous. Group biographies about people who share a common profession, historical era or geography. Also general collections, resources on biographical criticism and special collections.

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