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     There are some novelists whose sales in translation greatly exceed their English language book printing sales C for example the US novelist Jonathan Carroll. The rewards to academic authors from translation are usually in terms of prestige and the dissemination of their work, rather thanfi nancial.

UNESCO has a historical database of translations which can be consulted online (see Tables 12.1 and 12.2). A search on the Index Translationum reveals the most popular original languages, with English heading the table. This clearly gives UK publishers an advantage when it comes to selling translation rights. What is often commented on is the small number, by comparison, of translations into English. Translation sales lead the way into emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, the Baltic countries and Asia.

This can be a good arrangement for those territories where the Packaging Printing customer may not provide accurate or regular data on the number of copies sold. The purchasing publisher may be granted an exclusive language licence for a particular edition, and other rights, for a set period throughout the world. Sometimes, on a consumer book, a Spanish or French publisher is excluded from Latin America or Quebec, respectively, and rights can be sold separately in different territories for the same language. The author receives say 50 per cent of the royalties if academic, or up to 80 or 90 per cent if popular trade.

Intellectal property in book printing companies is the branch of law which governs the ownership of ideas and their expressions. Patents are usually for mechanical devices or chemical processes. Trademarks serve to identity the source of goods in the market, copyrights protect the expression of an idea in a fixed and discernible medium. The time it takes the copyright office to process your application varies. Nine months is not unusual. The office receives more than 600,000 applications each year.

      For a free and extremely valuable chart, see if your book is coming off the press just before the end of the year, put the next year's date on the copyright page. Both the book industry and consumers like new books. Do not send in Copyright Form TX until after the first of the year. Paper mostly are glossy, laminate, UV, etc., but have you really looked and felt them all? Some are a delight fullinen or uncoated stock that for the right book, can really bring home another sense to the reader. And for your paperbacks be sure to get samples from the printer on10 or 12 pt CS1 stock, the weight makes a difference too. To get what you want, just buy one. Visit a bookstore. Check your section, then look into other sections. Find a book you like on any subject. Consider binding, layout, feel, margins, type style, everything. Then buy it. Use this book for a model. Tell your typesetter and printer you want your manuscript to look like this book. Buy a model book. A place for authors, typesetters, designers, publishers, etc. to exchange ideas that will help self-publishers create professional-looking books to compete with those produced by larger publishing houses. Sales representation & distribution options for independent book printing companies has been published by the publishers marketing association. The 47-page report describes your distribution options, reveals the economics of various types of distribution and advises on managing your sales efforts.

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