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Process of book printing
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/20/2011  Keywords: Process of book printing

Most commerical books are printed by offset lithography (abbreviated to offset or litho),. Offset metal plates have a flat surface which is treated so that the areas to be printed attract grease (ink) and repel water; and the non-printing areas attract water and repel ink. A plate is clamped around a cylinder on the press, dampened and inked by rollers. The plate rotates against a rubber coated cylinder (or blanket) on to which the inked image is offset and from which the ink is transferred to the paper.
Many offset presses are sheet-fed and vary in plate size and in capabilities. There are also offset presses C known as web presses C that print on to a reel of paper. Sheetfed presses would be the usual choice for standard printings of black-andwhite books. Web presses produce a folded signature at the end of the operation. This, and their high running speeds, make them attractive for long print runs.

Some book printing companies have been selling unlockable documents from our site for many years. Often in the morning when I check the order-email account, I discover that we?ve sold dozens of reports overnight. The customers benefited because they received the reports instantly (on a Sunday) and did not have to pay for shipping or sales tax. Para Publishing benefited because we did not have to print, inventory, wrap, ship or place postage on the reports. We did not even have toanswer the telephone and write down the order. This is truly a win-win situation made possible by the Internet.

Don not you love the information business?

We sell well over 50 documents as PDF files from our website. Cyber cash checks the client's credit card account and deposits the money into our bank account. Then the document is unlocked and comes to the screen. The client may read the document on the screenand/or print it out. This system is not a multi-step download, it is an automatic single step unlock of the document. See our website for the layout. Mary Westheimer put the system together for us. More than 2,000 book printing companies have graduated from our weekend workshops here in Santa Barbara since 1984.

Many publishers got so much out of the weekend, they are returning for an update on the industry. Four times a year, 23 people invest their money and journey to Santa Barbara to learn more about book marketing, promoting, and distributing. The events are held at Dan Poynter home offices, high on a hill overlooking the Pacific. At last count, this area on the central California coast boasted of 365 book authors. With a population of about 160,000, that probably means the Santa Barbara South Coast has more published authors, per capita, than any other community. Some of the better-known authors are Sue Grafton, Barnaby Conrad, Jack Canfield, Bradford Dillman, Jane Russell, Jonathan Winters, and William Peter Blatty. We noted that Santa Barbara has over 365 book authors. Now we read the median price for a home on the south coast is over $960,000. If there is a correlation between these numbers, then some local authors are doing very well. 

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