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NATIONAL ACADEMY book printing PRESS PUT 1,700 OF THEIR CURRENT TITLES on the web where they could be read free. Sales shot up 17%. The theory is that surfersbrowse, as they do in bookstores, and then they buy.
MORE AND MORE PEOPLE USE THE TELEPHONE to order commercial printing books today. If they are paying $.10/minute or less for telephone service, a three-minute call is cheaper than astamp. Now customers are calling in their book orders for both speed and price.
People who regularlyorder products by telephone are finding they can sometimes get faster service from suppliers in the Pacific Time zone. Overnight delivery firms, such as FedEx, make their last pickup of the day three hours later in thewest than in the east while delivery costs are the same. Customers are finding they can call from the east as lateas 8:00 p.m., just make the 5:00 p.m. western pickup, and get delivery by 10:30 the next morning.
Godfrey Harris reports that U.S.-basedwebsites are finding that some international orders arefraudulent. At, 30 to 40 international book orders each day turn out to be shams. Borders?бе systemautomatically double-checks orders over $50 for authenticity, but some criminals get around this bysubmitting multiple small orders. Countries that retailers have found to generate numerous suspect orders includeformer Eastern bloc nations and Haiti. 

International book printing companies alliance has been representing small and independent publishers at the major international book fairs for the past years. Formore information on this cooperative organization, send an email message with your snail mail address. Paste relevant reviews to the inside cover of your books when displaying at book fairs. Use these as your book-fair display copies. Remember, a review is a high-impact endorsement. Each time you visit a bookstore, you will find on the shelf and then introduce yourself to the booksellers. Tell them about your book, why it is different, and why their customers need it. Book shoppers are on the front lines with books and customers; they are there to help sell it. Independent bookstore is an in-depth directory lists primarily general interest bookstores selling new books and periodicals. It also includes stores with more specialized subject areas: progressive bookstores, feminist bookstores, gay and lesbian bookstores, and literary bookstores.

Plastic book stands that we find our sales increase significantly if we give a Plexiglas counter stand to a store when we first sell them books. Most of them use the stands to display the books right at the checkout counter. This works particularly well with non-bookstores such asbike shops, gas stations, coffee shops, gift shops, etc. Go into a bookstore and look around. How many people came in to buy a book on sky diving? Now visit a parachute store. How many are interested in a book on sky diving? There are many places to sell books besides bookstore. They are easier to reach, much more lucrative and a lot more fun. After taking your advice and deciding to sell my books in police uniform stores instead of the traditional book store, I just received acceptance by Borders Books and they plan on placing a nice size order for their stores. It was the numbers that I showed them concerning thebook sales in these other stores that did it.

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