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Substantive book printing editing
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       While some book printing publishers restrict copy-editing to work on consistency, others expect editors to engage in the second parallel editorial process, which may be termed substantive or content editing. This calls for clear perception of the author's intent and sometimes restraint from the copy-editor.

    Where appropriate, attention is paid to discordant notes, such as obscure, incoherent, misleading or ambiguous sentences, or non sequiturs in factual passages; unintentional use of mixed metaphors or of repetition; unusual punctuation in sentence construction; paragraphing; and over or under use of headings. Furthermore, errors of fact, and inconsistencies, omissions, contradictions and illogicality in the argument or plot may be found. Substantive editing may entail the rewriting of sentences, reorganization, or suggesting other ways to present material. It is important, however, not to annoy the author by making unnecessary changes.
      Editors look out for abbreviations and terms unfamiliar to readers. The avoidance of parochialisms or culturally specific UK examples is especially important in books aimed for overseas markets. Books can be edited in British English, American English or even mid-Atlantic English. The avoidance of offensive C for example, sexist or racist C language or values and of corresponding stereotypes are issues which confront editors, designers and illustrators.

Book shepherds are a particular kind of consultant.They specialize in taking book printing services project through all the necessary steps that may include editing, design, typesetting, locating the right printer, getting a distributor, marketing and promotion (including your Web presence). Shepherds work with the author/publisher to assure that the book is produced and marketed efficiently and economically. These godparents use their experience and contacts to make sure all the publishing bases are covered and that they are covered in the right order.   

Print-on-demand is a way of doing business not a method of printing. POD means receiving an order (and payment), manufacturing the book and then delivering the book. Most POD books are produced with digital printing but they could be produced with other methods. Hundreds of years ago, those monks in the abbeys were POD publishers. They received an order, manufactured one book and delivered it. The only difference from today's POD publishers was that the monks hand-lettered the pages while today most POD books are manufactured on laser printers. POD publishers supply some extra services for their relatively low price. They may take care of the cover, editing, ISBN, Library of Congress number, etc. However the cover may be pedestrian, the editing may be minimaland the customer service may be close to non-existent. You get what you pay for. Most POD publishers sell more books to their authors than to the public. If you take the number of books published and divide by the number of titles, you will find that less than 100 books for each title are sold. Deal with a POD publisher when you need just a few copies of a book. For example, if you have written a family history, have a very limited budget and need up to 30 copies for your relatives, the deal offered by most POD publishers is hard to beat. The cost per copy may be $5-$10 depending upon the number of pages and the trim size. POD publishers offer an economical service when you want one to 50 copies of the book. POD publishers are relatively new so their businesses are evolving. See their web sites for information on how they conduct business. For example, some require an exclusive right to use your material and some will not put your ISBN on the back cover. 

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