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The Factors to Pricing for Book Printing Jobs
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/11/2011  Keywords: Pricing for Book Printing Jobs

A cost-based approach to pricing for book printing jobs is now less common, and this involves a standard mark-up from the unit cost of the book. Instead publishers will price to the market with a keen eye on the relevant competition. For trade fiction, pricing to market will override considerations such as the books length. There are common price points in the market for given categories of books, such as general hardbacks, trade and mass-market paperbacks. This is also true for academic textbooks: for example, the price points for humanities and social sciences paperback texts are lower than those for management and STM titles. Periodically brave publishers break the prevailing price points, by lifting the price or lowering it to undercut competitors. Trade publishers may have to price with a view to the discounts offered by retailers to consumers. Christmas bestsellers will have their recommended price set in the full knowledge that retailers will reduce the price considerably. A book priced by the publisher at may be sold at up to half price by retailers if a price war develops in the market.

The level of discounts given by publishers to booksellers is a marketing cost to the publisher. It determines the amount of money the publisher actually receives from sales made by the retailer. The trade publishers, which are highly dependent on retail exposure, give booksellers the highest discounts. Most sales in a bookshop are made within the first 20 to 30 feet of the entrance, and this is the prime location where offers to consumers are displayed, such as 3 for 2. Retailers ask publishers for especially high discounts to participate in their promotions, and for additional sums to secure window displays and prominence in catalogues. Electronic products can be difficult to price when there are no set price points in the market. Publishers may resort to cost-based approaches in order to recoup their investment, or keep prices low initially in order to encourage early orders. The prices of eBooks may match those of printed books or be lower, say two-thirds or a half. Books are free from VAT, but it is payable on electronic products such as eBooks, CD-ROMs, DVDs and online content.

There are many factors to finalize the prices for some book printing services job. The paper, the wastage, the labour, the efficience might affect the pricing level. For hardcover book printing, due to most of books softcover book printing, so in offset ink printing hardcover may run about extra prices per book. That includes the hard covers and the dust jackets. For digital production, the cost for case binding is $4 each or so, depending on the page count (thickness) of thebook. Case binding requires a lot of setup time. Therefore, it rarely pays to put hard covers on a short run of books. Delivery for PQN digitally-printed books is normally five days from press proofs and reprints take three to four days. With your disk on file, reprints can be initiated with an email message and the books may be shipped directly to your buyer. The press proof is usually a single softcover book printed on the same paper stock you propose for the finished book. Once I gave approval for my new book I had books in two days. What's great was DeHart's bid was about the same as traditional printers with only having to order half the quantity of books to get the price break. You're not investing in unneeded inventory. Since they were printed in my area, I picked them up in my van. I asked Dehart's if I could get some advanced copies to take to the NSA Western Workshop. He printed the copies, boxed them, and dropped them by house on his way home. When the box was opened, the books were still warm like loaves of bread. Talk about hot off the press! Since the bookwas printed from a digital book file, I also have an eBook to place on my website and Internet book stores.

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