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Sales in Book Printing Industry
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/10/2011  Keywords: Book Printing Industry

        The demand and consume to book printing jobs is becoming much numerous along with the development and communication in worldwide scale. Book Day, and in 2007 schoolchildren received a book token to spend on a specially created or they could put it towards the cost of any book. Quick Reads was launched on World Book Day in 2006 to provide fast-paced, bite-sized books by bestselling writers for emergent readers, anyone who had lost the reading habit or simply wanted a short, fast read. 2008 was declared the National Year of Reading with the aim of building a greater national love of reading. Other initiatives include City Reads, which began in Seattle in 1998, where a whole city is encouraged to read the same book. In the spring of 2007, the centenary of the birth of Daphne du Maurer, everyone in Brighton was invited to read her novel Rebecca. In 2007 the Books for All promotion highlighted black and minority ethnic writers.

Organizations such as the National Literacy Trust and Book trust are involved in the promotion of reading and literacy (an example of their work is on the facing page). There has been some concern, and mixed evidence, as to whether there has been a decline in reading for pleasure amongst children, but publishers consistently talk of the challenge of getting teenage boys interested in books, especially fiction. Publishers are certainly seeing growth in the sales of graphic novels, including manga, which appeal to a broad readership amongst both children and adults. Most publishers point to the changing face of the modern world as a prime mover behind the trend. Today children are the first generation to grow up more accustomed to digital screens than the printed page; as wireless devices proliferate, kids increasingly understand and appreciate data that is transmitted to them in visual form.

In many book printing companies, the sales play an important role in book printing project management. Retrieve historic and current sales rankings and create printable reports with 30-day and lifetime averages. See how topics or titles perform over time, measure thecompetition, understand what is hot. Improve decision-making and know what to publish and when. The sales could make some decisions based on the situation and status which they get from the customer and market. This arrangement could reach to the mission of satisfying the customers.

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