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Territorial Rights for EU Book Printing Houses
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/4/2011  Keywords: EU Book Printing Houses

For the book printing houses in EU, the thorny issue of territorial rights is to acquire world rights from the author. This is easier to do in some sectors of publishing, such as educational and academic. Some of the major UK and US consumer Book Printing Companies is in common ownership and aim to be strong enough to acquire exclusive world English language rights in works. This enables them to overcome legislative difficulties anywhere in the world and ameliorates any buying around practices of third-party traders However, the agents may still believe that they can secure better offers from different international publishers by dividing exclusive territorial rights amongst competing publishers. The collapse of territorial rights is not a foregone conclusion. If they are in the interests of the US media corporations, the US government would defend their continuance. The major power blocks of the USA and European Union also have to grapple with the related issue of the potential loss of tax revenues from off-shore internet traders escaping the conventional tax nets. On the internet, the choice of bookseller is affected by the cost of shipping the physical book and the timing. If a book is available online those factors will be removed the world publication date would need to be instantaneous.

Apart from price differentials between competing editions, the time of the release of different editions of the same title is another factor. US and UK consumer book publishers deploy the strategy of maximizing earnings through the sequential publication of a particular book in different formats and prices. In export markets, especially the growing mainland European market, UK and US publishers attempt to pre-empt the competing edition in paperback while maintaining their home markets for a period exclusively in hardback. Hence UK export editions of paperbacks are available earlier on mainland Europe than in the UK, and can be bought on the air-side of UK airports. Mainland European paperback importers may hedge their bets by simultaneously ordering their stock from both US and UK publishers to ensure they receive stock from whichever is the earliest. Importers also compare the prices of competing editions, and scout around for bargain-priced editions.

The major college textbook and academic publishers holding world rights face a related problem of maintaining differential prices across territories. Third-party traders may look to transfer products from low-priced territories, such as parts of Asia, to high-priced territories, such as the USA.

Sales territory is a usually a geographical area assigned to a salesperson or group of persons. The geographical area may also be assigned to franchisee,distributor, or agent. A sales territory may also be assigned by type of customers, as all retailers or all wholesalers in geographical area. A sales territory may be as large as: a continent, a nation or half a nation, or as small as a: town or city. A sales manager may have a sales territory different than the sales persons overseen.

Sales Operations are a set of business activities and processes that help a sales organization run effectively, efficiently and in support of business strategies and objectives. Sales Operations may also be referred to as Sales Operations, Sales Support or Business Operations. The set of sales operations activities vary from company to company but often include these eight categories.

  1. Sales Strategy: Design, Planning, Execution
  2. Measurement of Results: Reporting, Analytics & Sales Data
  3. Compensation, Sales Quota, Policies
  4. Technology & Tools, including CRM
  5. Training & Sales Communication
  6. Territory Design & Optimization
  7. Contests/Spiffs
  8. Lead Generation/Sales Programs

The Sales Operations team members are often the liaisons for sales to other parts of the organization such as Finance, Marketing and Information technology. They will represent the needs of sales in meetings and cross-functional projects.

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