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Successes and Failures for Book Printing Projects
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 4/4/2011  Keywords: book printing second edition

If a book second edition and the publisher has recovered all its development and marketing costs from the first printing, the gross margin dramatically increases because such costs do not recur. But substantially revised new editions incur renewed fixed costs and re-launch overheads. Publishing is a high margin business and can be immensely profitable. But for numerous publishers, those profits are a mirage, and they make just too many mistakes.

Some authors either fail to deliver manuscripts or submit unacceptable material. The consumer book publishers which pay significant sums on signature of contract can find them difficult to recover if the author does not deliver. If a proposed book is not published, its estimated contribution to overheads needs to be recouped from elsewhere. It is relatively easier for a consumer book publisher to fill its list more quickly, for example by buying from agents or from US firms, than a school textbook publisher. All the decisions regarding the quality of a book, its market, price and sales potential are based on advance subjective judgments. Amongst the new books there inevitably lurk those that fail to recover their production costs or advance, let alone make a contribution to overheads. Generally speaking, publishers make very little net profit from their new book publishing programmer over the first year. Their profits stem from the surviving titles that reprint. That said a Christmas bestseller can still make a large sum of money, as can a title timed to coincide with a sporting event or anniversary.

A vigorous and profitable publisher is in a strong position to publish books which, it is estimated at the outset, will not show a profit; indeed there may be good publishing reasons for doing so. A book could be published for prestige purposes. With the growth of print on demand, small numbers can be reprinted much more easily and this model is spreading across many sectors of book publishing. A fiction publisher may believe in a novelist long-term ultimate success or want the next more desirable book. A textbook publisher may want to enter a new area and undercut competitors. A university press may be obliged to publish a great scholarly work. Some publishers keep titles in print even though the storage costs exceed their revenue. For example a fiction publisher may keep in print a body of work, and a university press may keep scholarly titles in print for years.

The online bookseller reduces shipping costs, speeds delivery and avoids Customs by producing the books locally. In the past few months, Book Surge has grown from six to 10 plants internationally; locations now include England, The Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Greece, Australia, Panama, Mexico, the U.S., and Canada. When book printing companies or authors put a book into the Book Surge system, it automatically becomes available globally through both wholesale and retail sales channels.

The retail sales channels currently include,, and,,, as well as the two largest used bookstores, and ABEbooks. Many publishers express their frustration with the inability to contact a human being for content corrections or changes. You can easily submit changes to your titles listed on at the bottom of the page for every book. Through the online catalog update form link on the same page, you can submit changes to title, author, languages, binding, number of pages, pub date, and format/edition. Expectthese changes to take 5-7 business days, and if you don't see the change by then, submit it again. According to the Economist magazine, The Japanese arm of Amazon, an online retailer, offers a service that allows subscribers to carry out a cheeky price check whilebrowsing a bookstore. Snap a picture of the bar-code on abook or CD, and a quick over-the-air look-up will tell youif Amazon's price is lower.

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