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The Role of Self-publishing in Book Printing
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 3/28/2011  Keywords: Role of Self-publishing

If the author have small volume book printing requirement, it is common to begin their published career with smaller publishing houses which may be less conservative in their approach to commissioning titles. The difficulty for smaller houses is that they may not have the funds to keep authors who have become successful.

There are the trends in publishing which may affect what types of books publishers would like to acquire. The genre of misery memoirs is a recent hit, especially popular amongst supermarket consumers, and publishers have responded with more confessional tales from those who have experienced terrible traumas. Celebrity memoirs are also popular, and many are ghostwritten by professional writers. A further refinement is the celebrity memoir. First-time novelists may be offered a two or three-book deal, which ensures that they are already signed up should their first book prove to be a winner. If an author does hit the big time straight away, this can prove to be a mixed blessing, increasing the pressure on them to deliver another bestseller. An author with several modestly successful titles in print runs the risk that they are dropped by their publisher in favor of new authors.

Other routes to publication are now open to authors, including self-publishing which is inexpensive on the web and increasingly cheap in print form. The internet has given a route for all kinds of self-publishing. For print publishing, the growth of print on demand using digital printing means that print runs can be as low as a few or single copies. The company was founded by the digital entrepreneur, Bob Young, who saw the need for a way to help authors publish niche items such as poetry or technical manuals. Publishers are looking to pick up titles that have originated in blogs or from the large number of creative writing courses that are now available.

I have two complete unpublished novels in my drawer, along with a pile of rejection slips, and a number of false starts, so it feels as though I have been at it forever. In fact I have been writing poems, play and stories for as long as I can remember so you could say I am a very late developer. I started writing the Tractors book about ten years ago, just doing a bit now and then in the evening after work. New consultancies have developed in the UK offering writer services. For a fee the company offers to give the author an assessment of your manuscript, both the writing and the likely market, and editorial services. Based on a survey of writers, the literary consultancy Writers Services offered the following advice on getting published.

Become a journalist
Be prepared to write what people want
Be prepared to contact up to 10 agents or publishers
Do not ignore self-publishing

Self-publishing is the publication of any book or other media by the author of the work, without the involvement of an established third-party publisher. It is generally entirely done at the expense of the author. Although it represents a small percentage of the publishing industry in terms of sales, it has been present in one form or another since the beginning of publishing. In earlier centuries, most publications were self-published, because they were written, printed, and sold by the owner of the printing press. Over time, the roles of author and self-publishing companies separated until the self-publication of books was considered unusual. In recent years, self-publishing has increased with the increase in digital publishing technology, including xerography, desktop publishing systems, print on demand, and the World Wide Web. Cultural phenomena such as the punk/DIY movement, the proliferation of media channels, and blogging have contributed to the advancement of self-publishing. Within the music industry, self-publishing recorded music is called self-releasing.

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