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The Copyright or License Granted in Book Printing Sectors
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 3/27/2011  Keywords: Book Printing Sectors

For book printing companies, should the owner be content to negotiate a license with an author, or should it take outright the copyright. Theoretically the latter will give the publishers more control over the work of authors. Journal publishers used to take the copyright in all the articles that they published. But increasingly book publishers regard a license as giving them the necessary protection that they require. The license is a grant by the author of the rights to publish and sell a work, and also the right to stop others from copying the work. If a license is in place which grants the publisher all the necessary rights, there is usually no need to take the copyright from the author.

The civil law protects copyright holders of international units, and cases can be brought by them or the exclusive license holder against individuals or institutions who copy texts without the necessary permission. Under a set of international treaties and conventions, the copyright works are also protected around the world. These include the Berne Convention and the WIPO Copyright Treaty signed in 1996. Under the Universal Copyright Convention, all copies of a book should carry a copyright notice, and again on the title verso you will figure out the standard wording. The date given is the year of publication, and a new edition attracts a new date in the copyright line. Copyright can be held jointly, as is the case with the present book.

A copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted by a state to the creator of an original work or their assignee for a limited period of time in exchange for public disclosure of the work. This includes the right to copy, distribute and adapt the work. In most jurisdictions copyright arises upon fixation and does not need to be registered. Copyright owners have the exclusive statutory right to exercise control over copying and other exploitation of the works for a specific period of time, after which the work is said to enter the public domain. Uses covered under limitations and exceptions to copyright, such as fair use, do not require permission from the copyright owner. All other uses require permission. Copyright owners can license or permanently transfer or assign their exclusive rights to others.

Initially copyright law applied to only the copying of books. Over time other uses such as translations and derivative works were made subject to copyright. Copyright now covers a wide range of works, including maps, sheet music, dramatic works, paintings, photographs,architectural drawings, sound recordings, motion pictures and computer programs. The British Statute of Anne 1709, full title "An Act for the Encouragement of Learning, by vesting the Copies of Printed Books in the Authors or purchasers of such Copies, during the Times therein mentioned", was the first copyright statute. Today copyright laws are partially standardized through international and regional agreements such as the Berne Convention and the WIPO Copyright Treaty. Although there are consistencies among nations' copyright laws, each jurisdiction has separate and distinct laws and regulations covering copyright. National copyright laws on licensing, transfer and assignment of copyright still vary greatly between countries and copyrighted works are licensed on a territorial basis. Some jurisdictions also recognize moral rights of creators, such as the right to be credited for the work book printing sectors.

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