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Journal Book Printing Brief Introduction
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 3/24/2011  Keywords: Journal Book Printing Brief

Total value of worldwide journal book printing market was very large. The content of learned journals is not predetermined and contributors submit papers of original research to an academic editor for refereeing and inclusion. Refereed journal articles are a primary information source and serve the research community. Generally speaking, learned journals are not dependent on advertising for their viability, and their revenue is derived from subscriptions. Some publishers produce magazines for professional use that are supported by advertising.

Some journals books are printed by not-for-profit societies and research institutes, and by divisions of academic and STM publishers including the university presses. The commercial journal publishers initiate journals, or produce and market journals for societies and others under contract. The provision of such services to societies can be a significant proportion of some business of publishers. The key people in a journal publisher are the commissioning editors who bring in new journals, the production editors who organize and produce them, direct marketing specialists, and sales staff who negotiate subscription packages directly with librarians and purchasing consortia, or with intermediaries and advertising sales staff. Publishers provide advices to the academic editor and the editorial board, fund their office costs, editorial meetings and expenses; maintain peer review management, submission and tracking systems; undertake the production workflow; market each journal directly to readers both to attract authors and subscriptions via their libraries; sell them to intermediaries in print and electronic formats; and manage subscription and distribution systems, including websites.

Journal book binding :

Journal book binding are more in STM than in other academic areas. They are promoted by mail and at academic conferences, supplied on subscription, sold mainly to academic libraries worldwide and to a lesser extent sold direct to individuals. Journals of applied science, management, economics and law also sell to industrial and commercial libraries. Members of societies may receive a journal free as part of their membership fee, or at a reduced rate. Journal academic editors may be paid but contributors and referees are not. Many authors assign to the journal publisher or society, although this model is changing. Journal publishing does not require a complex network of overseas agents. The discounts granted to intermediary subscription agents may be from 0 to 10 percent. The credit risk is low and the return of unsold rare. Other income can arise from advertisements and inserts, from copyright fees from commercial document suppliers and from subscription list rental. The lists and journals can be used to advertise and sell the publisher's books. There is cross-fertilization of contacts and ideas between book and journal publishers.

Most journals are still available in print for archival reasons. Some librarians believe that print on paper is the only guaranteed form of proven technology which lasts. Print also conveys status and pleases authors. However, researchers, students and industry practitioners mostly access journals online away from the library. Librarians are able to check the value for money of a subscription from user statistics on articles downloaded.

Journal may refer to a written medium, for instance, an academic journal, a diary, a literary magazine, a periodical devoted to literature, a daily newspaper, a scientific journal or a bound paper book with blank lined pages into which accounting transactions were written by pen and ink.

  • a computer-generated list of accounting transactions with debit and credit columns.
  • Journal (computing), a chronological record of data processing.
  • Journal (mechanical device), the section of a rotating shaft that contacts and turns in a plain bearing.
  • Mining journal, a record systematically describing the strata through which a mine shaft passes.
  • Journal entry, an accounting transaction in the double-entry bookkeeping system.
  • Journals (Cobain), a collection of writings by Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, published in 2002.
  • The Journal, several publications and TV programs that carry this name.

Travel Guide Book, Softcover Book Printing in China: (1) A5 size, portrait format. (2) Perfect bound, or smythe sewn. (3) 200gsm - 300gsm C1S with CMYK printing plus glossy lamination. (4) Text with CMYK printing on 105gsm - 157gsm glossy C2S or 60gsm - 90gsm LWC paper. (5) Heavy ink coverage over text to present fantastic pictures.  

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