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Manufacture of Corrugated Board
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 3/14/2011  Keywords: Book Printing, Book Printing China, Corrugated Board

In a book printing project, when we choose corrugated board case or need to print on the material, we should get some ideas how the corrugated board is manufactured. The process of making a double face board designs just before the fluting medium enters the single facer when it passes through preheating rolls and steam showers to plasticize it and make it pliable. It then travels through the fluted rolls of the single facer where the corrugations are formed and adhesive is applied to the tips of the flutes. At the same time, the first liner (usually the inner liner) passes through a series of heated rolled and is stuck to the flute tips. This single face board then continues up into the bridge between the single facer and the double backer where it is festooned to a temporary store.

At the double backer, adhesive is applied to the exposed flute tips and a further web of preheated liner is pressed into contact with the flutes as the two webs pass between a belt conveyor and a heated table. The bonding is completed under heat and pressure as the board passes down the table through a dying section until it meets the slitter and is chopped into the required size blanks.

Single-wall board is commercially available in A, B, C and E flute construction. Double-wall board is normally available commercially in AB, CB, AA and AC fluting combinations. Triple-wall board is usually produced commercially in AAB, CCB and BAE constructions.

Corrugated board is manufactured on large high-precision machinery lines called corrugators, usually running at about 500 feet per minute (2.5m/s) or more. These machines, over time, have become very complex with the objective of avoiding some common problems in corrugated board production, such as warp and washboarding. The key raw material in corrugating is paper, different grades for each layer making up the corrugated box. Due to supply chain and scale considerations, paper is produced in separate plants called paper mills. Most corrugating plants keep an inventory of paper reels.

In the classical corrugator, the paper is softened with high-pressure steam. After the board is formed it is dried in the so-called dry-end. Here the newly formed corrugated board is heated from the bottom by hot plates. On the top, various pressures are applied by a load system on the belt. The corrugated medium is often 0.026 pounds per square foot (0.13kg/m²) basis weight in the U.S.; in the UK, a 90grams per square metre (0.018lb/sq ft) fluting paper is common. At the single-facer, it is heated, moistened, and formed into a fluted pattern on geared wheels. This is joined to a flat linerboard with a starch based adhesive to form single face board. At the double-backer, a second flat linerboard is adhered to the other side of the fluted medium to form single wall corrugated board. Printing linerboards are test liners (recycled paper) or kraft paperboard (of various grades). The liner may be bleached white, mottled white, colored, or preprinted. Common flute sizes are "A", "B", "C", "E" and "F" or microflute. The letter designation relates to the order that the flutes were invented, not the relative sizes. Flute size refers to the number of flutes per lineal foot, although the actual flute dimensions for different corrugator manufacuturers may vary slightly. Measuring the number of flutes per lineal foot is a more reliable method of identifying flute size than measuring board thickness, which can vary due to manufacturing conditions. The most common flute size in corrugated boxes is "C" flute.

Corrugated fiberboard can be specified by the construction (single face, singlewall, doublewall, etc.), flute size, burst strength, edge crush strength, flat crush, basis weights of components (pounds per thousand square feet, grams per square meter, etc.), surface treatments and coatings, etc. TAPPI and ASTM test methods for these are standardized. The choice of corrugated medium, flute size, combining adhesive, and linerboards can be varied to engineer a corrugated board with specific properties to match a wide variety of potential uses. Double and triple-wall corrugated board is also produced for high stacking strength and puncture resistance. Most corrugators are two knife corrugators, which means that they can produce two different sheet lengths side-by-side. This leads to an optimisation problem, known as the cutting stock problem.

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