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The Function of Corrugated Board for Packaging Printing
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 3/13/2011  Keywords: book printing job,corrugated board for packaging printing

Just like the reading for a book printing job finally, there is the main function of corrugated board for packaging printing. The basic one of it is the same as for any packaging, namely to protect products during distribution until the product is removed from the package. It may also protect the environment from the product, for example, in the distribution of dangerous goods.

The corrugated board package must also be designed to contain products during distribution. Contain ability together with adaption to logistic systems are becoming very important issues in corrugated board transport packaging design, as packaging design influences as much as two-thirds of all logistics costs.

Corrugated board packaging is used as an information carrier in modern distribution systems be it a bar code printed on the package or a label that replaces other means of information.

Corrugated board packaging is, moreover, becoming an increasingly important aspect of marketing as print quality is constantly improved and adapted to specific sales demands. The sales function has thus actually extended the use of corrugated board packaging.

Combining both the consumer and transport packages and their protective and sales display functions has become possible in some situations, thus improving the efficiency of the whole packaging concept.

The ability to build corrugated board packaging to meet different and specific customer needs has developed corrugated board from most exclusively being used as transport packaging to also become sales and consumer packaging, even if the former is still the dominant function.

Old corrugated containers are an excellent source of fibre for recycling. They can be compressed and baled for cost effective transport. The baled boxes are put in a hydropulper, which is a large vat of warm water for cleaning and processing. The pulp slurry is then used to make new paper and fiber products. Mill and corrugator scrap, or broke, is the cleanest source for recycling. The high rates of post-consumer recycling reflect the efficiency of recycling mills to clean and process the incoming materials. Several technologies are available to sort, screen, filter, and chemically treat the recycled paper for packaging printing.
Many extraneous materials are readily removed. Twine, strapping, etc. are removed from the hydropulper by a ragger. Metal straps and staples can be screened out or removed by a magnet. Film-backed pressure sensitive tape stays intact: the PSA adhesive and the backing are both removed together. Materials which are more difficult to remove include wax coatings on corrugated boxes and stickies, soft rubbery particles which can clog the paper maker and contaminate the recycled paper. Stickies can originate from book bindings, hot melt adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives from paper labels, laminating adhesives of reinforced gummed tapes. Corrugated fiberboard shredders are now available which convert post-consumer corrugated board into packing/cushioning materials by means of a specialized shredding process. Recycling corrugated fiberboard helps countries without sustainable wood resources build a paper and packaging industry locally.

photo book printing, comic book printing, cookbook printing, Hardbound Book Printing , Magazine Printing Services.All our printing is traditional offset printing, which produces the highest quality.  We believe digital printing can never match the sharp, clean results of offset and that?s why we don?t use it.

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