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Professional China bible printing service provided by Image Printing Packaging Limited.

How to make a professional bible printing job?

The performance of any bible printing jobs depends primarily on the materials and the processes, as well as more immediately apparent factors like text design and layout. Hereby we try to introduce and generate some tips for our potential esteemed clients reference when they are interested in our bible printing service.

Cover -- Bible books come in a variety of cover styles and materials, but the options available within a particular edition almost always share a common book block and the true measure of quality. Therefore, please begin with an assessment of text design, the paper and print quality. We may often see high-quality bonded or genuine leather covers with better quality suited to a basic and inexpensive mechanical binding style. It is true, but not exact. Image Printing is able to bind professioal bible books even if it is just a softcover or PLC hardcover bible printing job.

Design -- Bible printing China company challenge has always been to compress within one book with same number of words as might constitute perhaps half a dozen novels or more. Traditionally this has been met by printing on very thin paper such as bible paper in carefully chosen type sizes, typefaces and page layouts. The pages printed should be easy to read, but a small bible page cannot be printed in a large typeface without increasing the number of text pages and consequently the thickness, so the designers are trapped to find the balance between readability and portability. The outer margins should be even and in the centre of book the gutter margins should be sufficiently generous so as not to interfere with reading.

Type -- Many designs of typeface or font are available to the printer. In order to be economical in the space it occupies and at the same time easy to read in small sizes, the font needs to be what bible printers traditionally describe as large on body. The central part of the letter should be generously proportioned with modestly sized ascenders and descenders. A thin and spidery type may prove tiring to the eye, but one with over-thick strokes will make the page look dark or funereal. Fussy or unusual letter forms may distract or irritate the reader. Note that point size is not a universal measurement, nor is any specific point size in itself a guarantee of readability. Each font has its own characteristics, and an 8 point in one font may generally be considered as legible as a 9 or 10 point in some others. The amount of leading between the lines, the length of the text line, and whether the text prints line-for-line are factors that all contribute significantly to readability. The typefaces have been selected to provide the most legible and attractive appearance for the particular style and size of each edition.

Paper -- Because of their length, bible printing jobs traditionally have been printed on very thin paper to ensure compact volumes. Nevertheless, paper in a bible should have sufficient strength to sustain the usage it will receive. The best bible books are printed on paper which are not only much thinner and finer than ordinary book papers, but are also strong, and have good opacity so as to minimise show-through of printing on the reverse side. (Paper weigh below 30gsm is usually described as ultra thin bible paper, and over 30gsm as regular thin bible paper.) Image Printing is able to do bible printing jobs on China local high quality lightweight paper, chosen for its strength and opacity, to achieve the optimum readability for the minimum bulk. We can balance various factors such as strength, thinness, opacity and aesthetic considerations in sourcing appropriate papers to meet internationally recognised environmental standards. Some reference book printing jobs that we did have wide margins so that owners can make notes on bible or LWC paper. The paper used in bible books is chosen for its capacity to absorb handwritten notes and improved resilience. Nevertheless it is advisable to test pens and pencils on the paper before making extensive notes to ensure that the ink flow is not so great as to bleed through the paper. Making notes in standard bible books without wide margins is not recommended.

Printing -- The appearance of printed page is a good indication of the quality of both the printing and the paper. The position of type on the page and the width of the margins should be uniform throughout. All letters should be sharp and clear and the inking should be even and uniform on all pages. In red-letter bible books the register should be correct and consistent. For good bible printing projects, the text is designed so that with accurate line-on-line printing show-through is minimised even when using the thinnest papers. Accuracy in bible printing is more assured when presses are run at slower speeds than for mass-market bible books, but this process inevitably has an implication for pricing. Another simple test of printing quality is whether the pages are printed in the correct grain direction, rather than cross-grain. Run a finger along the inner margins of the book. If the pages are smooth to the touch, the book is printed with long-grain, but if rough or crinkled, it is printed short-grain. Printing in the correct grain direction improves the ease with which the pages may be turned as well as their appearance, and also has an effect on the quality of the gilding.

Sewing and Binding -- To make a professional bible printing job demands more than skill in design and printing alone. If a bible is to last and if its appearance and handling qualities are to satisfy, it must be bound in high-quality materials with care and craftsmanship. Image printing bible printing jobs are normally section sewn. This adds strength and makes them last longer; and it also enables them to stay flat once open. The thread used to sew the pages together is tough but thin, so the reader should always open the pages carefully at first to allow the threads to settle. Note that all sewn bible books can also be glued. The sections are sewn together loosely, then nipped together and glued along the spine (usually with gauze fabric attached) to hold the book-block together properly. The glue penetrates a little between the individual sections, but the advantage of a sewn book is that the individual pages are not separately attached only by a single thin line of glue to the cover: each page is part of a folded section (form or singature) of multiple pages; each signature/form is sewn to all the others; then all the signatures are glued to form a book-block before being cased-in to the cover. Image printing bible printing projects within the particular edition all use the same basic sewn book-block as one another, so the less costly binding styles all offer the same quality of paper and printing process as the top-of-the-range fine bindings.

Casing in -- There are two methods of casing-in a fine Bible, one is a semi-automated process of gluing the case to endpapers of bookblock, while the edge lined is a hand-craft process using a case with much more flexible but also gives a firm attachment of cover to book. The hand-made edge-lined cover is attached to book block by means of a flap of the inner cover material being glued to the endpapers of the book. Because these covers are hand-made, no two will look exactly the same.

Covering material -- The covering material used in bible binding not only affects the initial aesthetic response with both visual and tactile, but in the longer run also determines the durability. The customer should weigh all these factors when considering a purchase. Except in some bible books deliberately stiffened by the incorporation of a board between the outer cover and the lining, covers should be reasonably flexible, but at the same time should lie flat. The overlap protects the gilded edges. It should be of fairly uniform width all round the book, and the corners should be well rounded, smoothed down and firmly glued. The lining should adhere evenly all over the cover and be positioned so as to leave a uniform width of the turned-in outer cover showing all round. Usually, a pattern or graining is artificially applied to leather during its manufacture.

Additional features to process professional bible printing project

Gilding and Round Corner of bible printing jobs

Gilding Edge & Round Corners

Many bible and prayer books are decorated with metallic (usually gold or silver-coloured) foil on their covers and on the edges of bookblock. The edges are trimmed and sanded, and the corners are evenly rounded, so that when the book is closed these page edges should show as a solid and smooth metallic surface. The material used in this process gives a rich, bright and attractive finish to the book. Some bibles have art-gilt edges, when a red dye and gilding foil combine to add richness and lustre to the book.


Ribbon Markers for Bible Printing Project

Ribbon markers
Ribbon markers allow potential readers to keep a place in text body while looking up cross-references or to mark a particular passage to which they will return. Image printing take care in choosing strong ribbon markers of appropriate breadth for the size of each bible book, so that they will not curl up, become thready or stringy and, in extreme cases, cut through thin bible pages. A generous length is specified so that the ribbons do not get lost within the pages. If the bible is one of our larger volumes or perhaps one of our top of the range genuine leather cover bindings it may have two or three ribbons to allow marking of different readings.

H/T bands
Headbands appear at the top of spine and tail-bands at the bottom. Formerly, they were sewn onto the book block and protected the spine from damage when it was taken from densely stocked shelves. Nowadays, they are added as a decorative item to all fine-bound books as well as to many hardback books, and the colours are chosen to complement the shade of material and gilding used in the binding.

H/T for bible printing jobs
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