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Jewelry Box Printing 94
Jewelry Box Printing (Satin Cloth)

Blue satin cloth mounted on paperboard, with foam bracket and ribbon closure.

Brief Introdctions to Jewelry Box

The jewelry box, also called casket, is a container usually larger than a box but smaller than a chest. It is typically decorated. Jewelry boxes are mostly receptacles for trinkets and jewels. But in earlier period when other types of container were rarer, and the documents were held by typical person far fewer, jewelry boxes were used for keeping important documents and some other purposes.
The jewelry box may be covered in leather and lined with satin cloth. They are often made by precious materials, such as gold, silver or ivory etc. But in earlier period, jewelry boxes were often made of wood, China ancient jewelry boxes were covered and wrapped with silk. Some of them could be collected as decorative boxes.
Regularly there should be a bracket system to support the contents like ears, rings, necklaces and so on. There are many kinds of materials as options, but normally sponge foam, EVA and EPS are popular materials. These materials should be die cut and slit a holder, so the contents could be wrapped or hung over the holder. Finally the jewelry box and content should be displayed onto the stand in the store. 
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