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Jewelry Box Printing 90
Jewelry Box Printing (Stripe Cloth)

Stripe cloth mounted on white paperboard, jacket style with magnetic plastics bars as jointer, butterfly knots attached as decoration.

Cover in and line with Arlin paper, snap fastner closure, EVA bracket slit for rings or earing.

Poromeric Imitation Leather Brief Introduction

Poromeric imitation leather is a group of synthetic breathable leather substitutes made from a polyurethane coating on polyester base layer. Its major advantages over genuine leather are its durability and high gloss surface finishing easily cleaned. Its disadvantages are its stiffness but not lessen with wearing. It is relative lack of breathability, and easy confusion with non-breathable cheaper product. Koskin is an artificial leather material commonly found in computer laptop. It is commonly used in laptop cases, CD wallets, and other consumer goods. It is made to look and feel like authentic leather.
Leatherette is another form of artificial leather usually made by covering a fabric base with plastic. The fabric can be made of a natural or a synthetic fiber and covered with a soft PVC layer. Leatherette clothing of various kinds also exists. A disadvantage of leatherette is not porous and allowed air to pass through, so the sweat can accumulate if it is used for clothing, car seat coverings and so on. One of its primary advantages is that it requires less maintenance compared to leather, and does not crack or fade easily.
During a fire leatherette may cause serious skin damaged, because it burns more vigorously than leather and can melt. In modern book printing and packaging printing industrial fields, leatherette is popular to be used as binding or wrapping materials over grey board for book printing or jewelry box printing jobs.
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