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Vinly Ring Binder Folder
Ring Binder Vinyl Folder

Vinyl Folder Printing job is not easy for most printers in China, but this problem is not for Image Printing Packaging Limited. Our parnter is very experienced at making vinyl case wrapping rigid board into or not, surely we are professional to make ring binder jobs including ring binder folder.

This kind of folder is made of vinyl case, ring binder and text body. Two layer vinyl are heat sealed together by radiofrequency die cutting machine within rigid board. The ring binder can be fixed onto spine or back of case. Various color, pattern and thickness vinyl materials are available for various folders.

More about Vinyl --

A vinyl compound is any organic compound that contains a vinyl group. Such compounds are derivatives of ethane with one hydrogen atom replaced with some other group.
An industrially important example is vinyl chloride, precursor to PVC, a plastic commonly known as vinyl. Vinyl groups are derived from, and contained within alkenes. Carbons or positions are often called vinyl. Allyls, acrylates and styrenics contain vinyl groups. (A styrenic crosslinker with two vinyl groups is called divinyl benzene.)
The etymology of vinyl is the Latin because of its relationship with alcohol (in its original sense of ethyl alcohol). Related to vinyl compounds are vinylidenes. Vinylidenes describe compounds containing the functional group carbons. Vinyl groups can polymerize with the aid of a radical initiator or a catalyst, forming vinyl polymers. In these polymers, the double bonds of the vinyl monomers turn into single bonds and the different monomers are joined by single bonds.
Vinyl groups do not exist in vinyl polymer; the term refers to the precursor. It is sometimes important to ascertain the absence of unreacted vinyl monomer in the final product when the monomer is toxic or reduces the performance of the plastic. The following table gives some examples of vinyl and vinylidene polymers. Vinyl type materials include vinyl chloride (example PVC - polyvinyl chloride), vinyl fluoride (example PVF - polyvinyl fluoride) and vinyl acetate (example PVAc - Polyvinyl acetate).
Vinylidene type materials include Vinylidene chloride (example PVDC - polyvinylidene chloride) and vinylidene fluoride (example PVDF - polyvinylidene fluoride). Vinyl groups are alkenes. If activated by an adjacent group, the increased polarization of the bond gives rise to characteristic reactivity, which is termed vinylogous.
In allyl compounds, where the next carbon is saturated but substituted once, allylic rearrangement and related reactions are observed. Allyl Grignard reagents can attack with the vinyl end first. If next to an electron-withdrawing group, conjugate addition (Michael addition) occurs. Vinyl organometallics participate in coupling reactions such as in Negishi coupling.
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