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China Directory Printer
China Directory Printer

As a China directory printer, Image Printing Packaging Limited is one of the main players in China local market. We offer professional services, reasonable prices and high quality.

Specifications --

(1) C3 size 6" x 9" (152mm x 229mm), portrait format.

(2) 1216pp text body + 4pp cover

(3) Text body 64gsm LWC paper full color printing

(4) Cover 300gsm glossy art card full color printing plus glossy lamination

(5) Perfect binding

Brief Introductions to Main Paper used for Directory Printing jobs (Part 1) --

(1) WTD Paper
WTD paper means telephone directory paper. There are mainly two shadow options - white and yellow, and the weight is regularly 36gsm and 40gsm. Almost all WTD paper is in reel format, and the width is flexible for imposition.
Most of directory books are printed on WTD paper. The important parameter for WTD paper is tensile strength, because the directory is regularly printed by web-fed press machines with high speed. Main WTD paper is from NPI American mill, Catalyst Canadian Crofton/Alberni mill and UPM China Changshu mill.
(2) SC Paper
SC paper means super calendered paper which is uncoated but with very smooth finishing after calendaring. Envipress SC paper is produced by SEHT mill in China, and this mill is operated by Stora Enso and Huatai.
Main weight options are 45gsm/48gsm/52gsm/56gsm/60gsm/64gsm. SC paper is also popular for directory jobs, and main SC paper in China is from SEHT mill. 35 inch width reel paper is regular.
Also cold set magazine paper is similar with SC paper with everything.
(3) LWC Paper
LWC paper means light weight coated art paper. The coating layer is thinner than regular coated art paper. So the weight options are 48gsm/58gsm/60gsm/64gsm/70gsm/80gsm, and reel size is 31 or 35 inches for wed-fed press machine. Regular sheet size paper is also available for sheet-fed press machine.
There are glossy and matte two options. There are main three players to produce LWC and matte LWC paper now. They are Chenming, Yueyang and UPM. LWC paper is mainly for printing full color jobs with good tones reproduction. Many magazines are printed on this kind of paper. These paper grades have lower coat weights than the standard WFC (3-14g/m2/side) and the grammage and pigment content are also generally lower, 55-135g/m2 and 20-35% respectively.
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Whether this is your first book you are looking to get printed, or you are a publishing company looking for better pricing, you have come to the right place! As a professional printing factory in China, Image Printing focus on book printing mainly for oversea and domestic customers. We are located in Shenzhen city, as the best book printing company in China or even worldwide. Please be kindly note we offer a wide range of professional customed book printing services with aggressive prices. Hardcover and Soft cover Books is our specialty and we focus on serving those with bulk book printing requirements.
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