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As an outstanding softcover bible printer in China, Image Printing is focused on offering professional services with reasonable prices and high quality products.

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Johannes Gutenberg & Gutenberg Bible Brief Introductions (Part 3) --

(5) Gutenberg's Inventions

It has long been understood that Gutenberg's invention depended on a long process of trying out methods and refining them. After Gutenberg, his methods continued to be improved upon, but by the end of the 15th century printing had found the form which it retained until the 19th century. Gutenberg's main inventions were the printer's ink, the making of type, the use of a press and perhaps most importantly the production process itself which combined these techniques to produce printed books. Each invention would have been useless without the vision which combined new and old methods. Part of the process was composition and once the sheets had been printed they had to be made into gatherings.

The surviving copies tell us how Gutenberg and his team learnt about the work processes and their financial implications as the work went on. They made at least three changes during the printing. Printing could not have been an economic success without paper, which was originally invented in China and then spread west reaching Europe via the Muslim world. Before this European books were written on vellum, animal skin. One of the British Library's copies of the Gutenberg Bible is printed on vellum. We can also estimate how many copies of the Bible Gutenberg printed.

(6) Gutenberg Bible Bound

Gutenberg Bible


Gutenberg Bible copies left were unbound, without decoration, and without rubrication for the most part. Initially the rubrics were printed but this experiment was quickly abandoned, and gaps were left for rubrication to be added by hand. A guide of the text to be added to each page survives. The spacious margin allowed illuminated decoration to be added by hand. The amount of decoration presumably depended on how much each buyer could or would pay. Some copies were never decorated. The place of decoration can be known or inferred for about 30 of the surviving copies.

Gutenberg Bible

The vellum Bibles were more expensive and perhaps for this reason tend to be more highly decorated, although the vellum copy in the British Library is completely undecorated. There has been speculation that the Master of the Playing Cards was partly responsible for the illumination of the Princeton copy, though all that can be said for certain is that the same model book was used for some of the illustrations in this copy and for some of the Master's playing cards. Although many Gutenberg Bibles have been rebound over the years, nine copies retain fifteenth-century bindings. Most of these copies were bound in either Mainz or Erfurt.

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