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Semi-concealed Wire-O Hardcover Book

If you are looking for professional book printing supplier with reasonable prices, Image Printing offers excellent wire-o book printing service with high quality. Our affordable prices and instant online book printing quotes are surely to meet your demands!

Some clients have the difficulty in advising detail and proper specifications when they require a quote of wire-o book printing job. Here we try to introduce all possible specifications and producing workflows for most wire-o book printing jobs. We believe it is helpful for our esteemed clients to issue a professional RFQ.

1. Difference between softcover and hardcover

In principle, hardcover book should require a board (grey board or CCNB) wrapped by the cover with various materials. The cover could be printed and laminated art paper 128gsm, special paper, leather material and cloth material etc. Meanwhile, 4pp endleave is also required necessarily in such wire-o book printing jobs. But for softcover wire-o book printing job, heavy stock cardboard or thick plastic materials can perform as the cover without endleave.

2. Wire-o binding style

There are total three different binding styles for wire-o book printing jobs. They are concealed, semi-concealed and exposed wire-o binding styles. Below three pictures show the difference detailly.

Concealed wire-o book printingSemi-concealed wire-o book printingUnconcealed wire-o book printing

3. Different endleaves

For semi-concealed and unconcealed wire-o book printing jobs, the endleave 4pp could be regular uncoated or coated wood free paper 100gsm/120gsm. But for concealed wire-o book printing jobs, the endleaves should be a little heavy cardboard C1S 190gsm/210gsm/230gsm/300gsm and so on. The specific gsm is up to the weight of text body which should be holded by the combination of wire-o and endleaves. Furthermore, if the endleave shall be printed heavy ink coverage, lamination or varnish should be applied to protect the color from dropping out because of the pression and scratch of wire-o coils.

Above three points are important to understand how potential wire-o book printing jobs should look like. If they are followed properly, it will be easy to get a quote for our customers.

Wire-o book binding is a succession of parallel looped wire affixed along a wire that are passed through holes punched in stacked papers. This type of binding does allow for the completed project to lie flat when open, and could be a good option for binding your books. A Wire-o binding holds the covers and text pages of a document firmly in place by the use of a double-loop wire coil inserted through holes drilled in your book's spine. In addition to all of the pages being able to lay flat when opened, they can turn easily through all directions, and stay in perfect registration with adjoining pages.

Wire-o binding comes in a wide array of colors, many standard colors and loop diameters from 3/16" to 1-1/4". This system works well for the books from 1/8" to 1" thick, and is the most often used to bind reference books, reports, proposals and calendars, but equally can be used for scrapbooks of varying sizes. This method is a durable system. However, there are some limitations - this method does not permit printing on the document spine or the insertion of new pages. Another drawback for using this method of binding has to do with the binding spine loops being crushed - loosing their cylindrical shape - does not reshape itself like plastic coils and will require reshaping by hand.

Here are main steps to bind a wire-o book --

wire-o book printing job


Step 1: Punch all pages for binding

Holes along the spine or bound side of book must be drilled or punched. Round, square or rectangular holes may be used. These holes are spaced on a per inch ratio (3:1 or 2:1 - 3 or 2 holes per inch). Make sure not overload the machine when drilling or punching the pages. Also, proper alignment and uniform depth are a must. Most punch machines will have gauges to assist you in meeting these requirements.

wire-o book printing job

Step 2: Arrange book for binding

After all pages were drilled or punched with the appropriate ratio (pitch) holes - including the front and back covers, you can now arrange your book with the back cover on the bottom, but will be the last page inserted in the binding machine. Next, add succeeding pages - bottom pages to the top and finish the book with the top, or cover (this order will have both front and back cover together - but the back cover will hide the spine when completed).

wire-o book printing job


Step 3: Organized pages

With all sheets and covers now arranged in the order you want them to appear in your book, insert the double wire loops through the holes you have created with the punching process of the machine. The binding machine will assist you in holding the book to allow this process.

wire-o book printing job


Step 4: Process wire-o binding

With the double wire now inserted and binding your scrapbook, close - or set - the wire loops. A binding machine will do this step easily, but you can close each ring individually if required without the use of a binding machine.


wire-o book printing job


Step 5: Finish Wire-o binding

Your last step is to flip the "back page" over from the top or front of the book to the back. Doing this will hide the spine of your binding. This method of binding can be done without the use of a binding machine, but is difficult and quality results are best obtained when a machine is used for punching and closing the spine to bind your books.

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