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Stock and Sales for a Book Printing Company
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 2/27/2011  Keywords: UK book printing industry

UK book printing industry development is highly successful at exporting and more than matches the efforts in US with its much larger home market. Exports overall are nearly double imports into the UK. Much of the industry depends on export markets for its survival. Around a third of UK publishers' sales are for exports and additional publishers receive royalties and other income from editions licensed abroad. In some sectors of book printing, such as English Language Teaching (ELT) and in some academic areas, exports form the majority of sales. Sales to mainland Europe have grown and supplanted North America as the main export destination, and sales to Australasia have declined. Asian markets such as the fast-growing economies of India and China have attracted investment and sales effort. Piracy in developing countries is a considerable threat and is the enemy of UK publishers, legitimate indigenous publishers and authors alike.

Most of a publisher's cash is tied up in stock. The turnover of a publisher's complete stock of all books commonly takes more than a year. Only the largest publishers can afford to have their own warehousing and distribution services. Smaller publishers use the large publishers to distribute their books, or independent distribution companies or wholesalers. It is not worth while for distributors to service the very small publishers, who may distribute their books from their back bedroom. In view of the high cost of storing books, book printing company have to rid themselves of books which have ended their sales life, through selling them off at rock bottom prices to remainder dealers (who sell them to retailers at home and abroad), or by pulping.

It is thought that half the books that are in print sell less than 250 copies per year, many just a few copies. Hitherto, the economics of conventional book printing precluded publishers from reprinting titles in small quantities for which there was a very small and continuing sale. Such titles were allowed to go out of printing once stock was exhausted, in effect meaning that orders from customers were rejected. However, the new printing technology called "print on demand" (POD) enables the manufacture of tiny quantities, of say 50 copies, or even one copy at a time. The large academic publishers and the university presses with back but improvements in the technology and falling costs allow its use in other areas. It offers the prospect for publishers to reduce the amount of cash tied up in stock and the costs of storage. Indeed there are new book printing companies who hold no stock at all, who use their POD supplier (some are linked to wholesalers) to print copies in direct response to customer orders.

The person who drafts the contract has control over the agreement. We can supply you with Contracts on Disk (so you do not have to keyboard them), books to explain book contracts and a list of book-publishing attorneys. Be smart and supply your own contract. See all the resources in this section. Fifteen items to negotiate in your next author-publisher agreement. Compare this checklist and tip sheet to your contract to ensure you have not forgotten anything. Remember that contracts may vary, but they should all contain these important provisions. Some of our Special Reports are available on CDs to save you all the keyboarding. Available for the PC and Mac. This is a primary Trade Publishing Agreement for use between a publisher and an author for trade hardcover and softcover editions. A new paragraph covers electronic rights. How do you refer to those who seek your advice through your books, seminars and consulting? Jay Abraham advises they are not "customers". A customer is just a buyer who has no special relationship with you. On the other hand, is aspecial person who is under your care and protection. Since you are pursuing repeated sales, refer to your "valued clients". Do not treat those who come to you as customers. The secret to great customer service is not "smiling". The secret is making the customer smile.  When do you need to design them?

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