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Our paper & ink option
Origin:Image Printing  Data: 8/11/2012  Keywords: printing paper, printing ink

Image Printing Factory offers several different paper stock finishes and weights to choose from. The following briefly describes those finishes and weights to help you pick the right stock for your project.

Glossy paper/Matt Paper:

Saddle binding:

The 80gsm,90gsm,105gsm,128gsm,157gsm glossy or matt paper for text printing and 200gsm for cover and applicable to saddle binding

Perfect Binding or Sewing Binding:

Still can use 80gsm-157gsm paper for inside paper of Perfect book or Sewing book
Normal if use over 200gsm weight paper,the inside paper easy to take off for the perfect book,and
Sewing book glue will spill over between in each two pages when make the binding

Woodfree Paper / Offset Paper:
This style paper with 60gsm,70gsm,80gsm,100gsm,120gsm,140gsm,160gsm,180gsm weight.
The paper no coating on paper face,nice for read book and keep the vision,like education book,children?s
Coloring book,also the diaris,notebooks,exercise books,comic books and endsheets for hardcover book.

White card:
Paper Weight with 190gsm,210gsm,250gsm,300gsm,350gsm,400gsm
The paper strongest than glossy paper or woodfree paper,main use for make Book Cover,Gift packing box and children?s board book or puzzle book.

Gray Paper:
Paper Weight with 250gsm,300gsm,350gsm,400gsm,450gsm.
This kind of paper used extensively for packaging printing, different we can buy many different sizes of paper in the paper mill, this can save some of the products of paper waste, while the other only two the following paper sizes. This paper is also more favorable price. Now most of the children's books publishers use this paper to print PUZZLE BOOK, BOARD BOOK, 3D BOOK.

Board Gray Paper:
As the name,this paper is a Board,like 0.5mm,1mm,1.5mm,2mm,2.5mm,3mm,3.5mm,4mm?-.
Usually 625gsm equal to 1mm.Most applications in the cover of hardcover and children's books.

What is the difference between 100# text stock and 14pt card stock?
100# text is measured in weight, but 14pt is measured in thickness. It is hard to tell the difference between these two, unless you know their weight and thickness. The size paper comes from the mill is called "P
arent' or "basis" size, and it differs for different kinds of paper. This is why "80# cover" is heavier than "100# text". The point system measures paper thickness but not weight, and is typically used with coated papers. Mask sure you confirm this clearly with printer before the work starts.

What is cover stock?
A term used by paper manufacturers for a heavy paper that is suitable for catalogs and other folders. Cover stock can come in "coated" which has a smooth surface, or "uncoated" in its original rough surface.

How about color separation process?
The process of color separation starts by separating the original artwork into red, green and blue components. Before digital imaging was developed, the traditional method of doing this was to photograph the image three times, using a filter for each color. However this is achieved, the desired result is three grayscale images, which represent the red, green, and blue (RGB) components of the original image.
The next step is to invert each of these separations. When a negative image of the red component is produced, the resulting image represents the cyan component of the image. Likewise, negatives are produced of the green and blue components to produce magenta and yellow separations, respectively. This is done because cyan, magenta and yellow are subtractive primaries which each represent two of the three additive primaries (RGB) after one additive primary has been subtracted from white light.
Cyan, magenta, and yellow are the three basic colors used for color reproduction. When these three colors are variously used in printing the result should be a reasonable reproduction of the original, but in practice this is not the case. Due to limitations in the inks, the darker colors are dirty and muddied. To resolve this, a black separation is also created, which improves the shadow and contrast of the image. Numerous techniques exist to derive this black separation from the original image; these include grey component replacement, under color removal, and under color addition. This printing technique is referred to as CMYK (the "K" being short for "key." In this case, the key color is black). Today digital printing methods do not have the restriction of a single color space that traditional CMYK processes do. Many presses can print from files that were ripped with images using either RGB or CMYK modes. The color reproduction abilities of a particular color space can vary, the process of obtaining accurate colors within a color model is called color matching.

Ink Specifications
Image Printing using non-toxic environmentally friendly ink printing for all paper products
All of our products are printed in full color with a few exceptions. We do offer black imprinting on the backs of flyers and product sheets as well as postcards and rack cards. If your  project requires a 1, 2 or 3 color look we will convert your color to a process color equivalent or you can request a custom quote for spot color printing.

Our ink descriptions merely indicate how we will be printing each side of piece. For example, Full Color, 2 sided, means we will be printing in full color on both sides of the sheet. Full color one side, black on the back follows the previous example and so on.

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